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If you are struggling to visualise your storage needs then take a look at our inspiration pages and see what we have drawn up for some of our clients recently.

Heavy duty shelving was needed in this complete Military stores fit out. A combination of full extension drawers and adjustable shelves created an organised space. A bespoke shop area was created using low level drawer and computer cabinets. All finished off in the clients corporate colours.

Existing static picture racks were upgraded with space saving pull out picture racks on two walls and a general storage area was created with our universal shelving. The challenge here was fitting the picture rack around a curved wall.

This was a tight space within the eaves of an old stately home. A low level mobile picture racking housed their art collection. Bookcases and plan chests organised all the books and loose artwork. Consideration was needed to comply with listed building regulations.

Polstore were asked to design a layout for this large multi-functional space. We needed to incorporate as much storage for paintings, artefacts, sculptures, data and files as possible. They needed a clear area for inspection of articles and a section for research. This was achieved by using mobile storage units, static picture racking and enclosed steel cupboards to help with dust control.