Polstore for the home garage

Organisation is Power

If you’re anything like the staff in our office, you will have built up a large collection of tools over your lifetime, to indulge in your passion of all things mechanical.

If you ever sat down and added up this investment in equipment, it would be both costly and time consuming to replace, if lost or damaged. My particular interest is in vintage Vespa scooters and having recently installed a Polstore roller shutter shadow board in my workshop, (to compliment my Polstore drawer cabinet) I am able to keep all my most used tools secure, in view and to hand.

This has not only allowed me to halve the time it takes to rebuild an engine, (but not halve the time i spend in the workshop), but i am also able to keep an eye on any tools that i may have lent out.

In addition to the shadow board, the Polstore drawer cabinet beneath is used to house all my additional tools (socket sets, multi meter, power tools etc) as well as any consumables i may require, all neatly partitioned off and ready to use.

The shadow board and drawer cabinet have neatly abd securely stored, what used to be housed in two cantilever toolboxes, two cupboards, a large trunk and numerous plastic boxes. This has allowed me to clear the workbench of the tools i need for a particular job and actually use the workbench to do the job in hand. The equipment in the pictures is well over five years old and looks and performs exactly as it did on day one.

Its been such a time saver as now I have a place for everything - no more hunting for that elusive spanner!

Alan Lawson



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