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A Workshop Fit Out for Cambridge Science Park

Bulgin is widely recognised as a leading manufacturer of environmentally sealed connectors and components. They have over 95 years of experience in the industry. When it comes to innovation and product development, Bulgin recognises quality and excellence comes as standard with Polstore.

Here’s how Bulgin and Polstore worked together on a new workspace for future product development.

A new home for product development

In order to continue on this journey of growth and develop more products, Cambridge Science Park needed a larger lab space. A suitable area was located upstairs. It required new cupboards which were larger and an entire fit out to create four new workstations.

The relocation upstairs wasn’t straightforward and became part of the evaluation criteria for potential suppliers. Some competitor’s products were simply too big and too heavy to carry up the stairs or wouldn’t fit into the lift.

With the storage solution from Polstore, the chosen products could be moved into sections and built on-site.

The solution and the install

In the previous workspace, Bulgin had utilised Polstore drawer cabinets which they’d used for over 10 years. They were happy with the quality and durability of Polstore products.

The new office and lab was designed to have four workstations, an inspection camera, and storage units to utilise all the space available. Each workstation was built with custom drawers and partitioning, electrical power trunking and the worktops were cut to accommodate a sink unit.

Bulgin opted for Polstore 5-drawer cabinets and vertical storage units. It meant all tools and equipment could be securely tidied away, with an allocated place. Polstore foams were used inside the drawers for organisation as well as visual cues for anything missing. It meant the team would reduce time wasted from misplaced items or searching for what they needed for the task at hand.

It was a complete turnkey installation meaning the Polstore team moved the various products up into the new office in sections, and built them there. They worked around the builders to ensure the storage units fit perfectly into the space.

Why Polstore

Thisen Bird, Project Engineer at Bulgin, shared his experience of working with the Polstore team:

“I 100% recommend Polstore for workshop storage. The build quality of their cabinets are up there with the best – very sturdy and with a lifetime guarantee.

“Their service delivery was excellent. The logistics of fitting out a space on a higher level disqualified some competitors but Polstore made it work. Polstore worked around the builders and did what they could to adapt the storage units to our space.

“I will use them in the future, whether in my role at Bulgin or elsewhere. Their reputation for quality is well-known in the sector. The price was fair but still competitive for the amount of storage we have.”

Polstore has been at the forefront of storage and retrieval solutions in the engineering and manufacturing arena since 1963. The team is ready to discuss your storage project and deliver a first class solution.  Call our expert team on 0800 008 6861.

I would 100% recommend Polstore for workshop storage. The build quality of their cabinets are up there with the best – very sturdy and with a lifetime guarantee.

Thisen Bird
Project Engineer at Bulgin


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