Creating Space and Storage For an Online Art Gallery

Online art gallery storage

Plan Chest Drawer Cabinet for Online Art Gallery

Creating space and storage for an online art gallery

We work with clients on projects of all shapes and sizes. In the heritage sector, we can be asked for a storage solution suitable for a smaller collection through to a full museum kit out. For Stowe Gallery, their business was changing, and so were their storage requirements.

Today, Stowe Gallery is an online art gallery specialising in contemporary and modern art. They had a prestigious gallery in London but were making the change to move their gallery out of the City. Today they have a gallery in a converted barn in the heart of the Cotswolds.

The specific challenge they had was storage for large format oversized prints, and now as an online business, a suitable packing area. The Polstore team knew immediately how one of our core products could be adapted to suit their needs.

Polstore Gallery Grade Plan Chest Cabinet

Our plan chest drawers are perfect for the storage of large format media such as maps, plans, architectural drawings and prints. Manufactured in the UK, the high quality steel makes them robust and we use heavy duty roller bearing slides which produces quiet and low-friction movements even when fully loaded.

Our plan chests are a popular storage solution with our heritage clients as they are available in a wide range of standard sizes (A1, A0, A0+ and AQ). At Polstore our ethos is to deliver exceptional storage solutions, and we can design any plan chest cabinet to the unique requirements of a client.

The final design for Stowe Gallery included a high quality triple runner system making each drawer load bearing to 120kg, with 100% full extension. We finished the top of the chest with a cutting mat which provided the space for a packaging area.

Given the value of the prints being stored, protection from theft and damage was important. Our plan chests are supplied with locks and an anti-tilt (single drawer opening) function, and feature a rear curl on all drawers to prevent damage to the items stored.

Another happy client with an exceptional storage solution for their art racking needs!

If you’d like to discuss your storage needs, call our expert team on 0800 008 6861 or email

Another happy client with an exceptional storage solution for their needs!


White large plan chest drawer cabinet for art and prints Large plan chest drawer cabinet for art and prints Polstore art gallery case study Space and storage for an online art gallery


Your storage challenge is unique and we treat it as such. We will work with you from the outset to develop your plans and create the perfect storage product solution for you.

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