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We will work with you from the outset to develop your plans creating the perfect storage product solution.

We wanted a wow factor for when our clients visit the shopfloor.


Industrial Workshop Storage Solutions and Systems


Polstore is driven by you the client – together we create efficiency, enhance display & accessibility, reduce waste, lower costs, improve attitudes and motivate people within the workplace.

Within all market sectors our passion for finesse, sustainability, practical design and consistent manufacture filters through to our vast portfolio of products.

We are exclusive distributors to Famepla, world class Italian workshop storage manufacturers and as a team, our mission is to design, supply and fit a consistent and exceptional storage solution ensuring you receive an enhanced client experience.

Bringing safe, affordable, and practical storage for industrial use since 1963!

Whether you’re opening a new workshop or renovating your existing workspace,

finding the best workshop storage solutions is an essential ingredient in the recipe for success.

Polstore can supply the perfect systems for engineers, mechanics, metalworkers, and more

We supply workshops throughout the UK with world-class solutions.

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The Polstore team is as passionate and committed about our storage solutions as you are about your own workspace. Where needed our experienced project sales team will follow a staged plan of work.

We will understand your outcome, develop ideas, prepare and budget, spatially co-ordinate, manufacture and install ensuring on handover we have exceeded your expectations.



Buying into our product range attracts the type of client who has a passion for precise engineering design, who embraces detail, understands true quality and cares for that purchase decision. We understand you must make the right choice. Justification and sustainability are key.


Working in a wide range of market sectors allows us to share and learn from our experiences building team and client confidence.

Workshop Storage Systems Built Around You

Are you looking for a convenient and cost-effective way to bring tools and consumables into the work area?

Or perhaps you need a separate storage facility that can continually feed your primary workspaces in an efficient manner?

Either way, we build solutions that are built to deliver optimal performance and practicality without compromising the aesthetic appeal.

Our team of experts will devise, design, and deliver solutions built around you, including;

  • Industrial drawers, cupboards, and cabinets.
  • Engineering shelving racking and tooling solutions.
  • Mobile trolley solutions for practical portability.
  • Plastic containers and plastic tilt bins.
  • Roller shutter cabinets.

Whatever you’re looking for, Polstore’s experts ensure that your industrial storage

facilities are built exclusively with the needs of your business and workers in mind.

Tooling Storage Solutions For All Workshop Requirements

Workshop storage systems are needed by companies across a wide range of industrial

fields from automotive to engineering, production lines to repair experts. Polstore works with clients across all sectors,

supporting everyone from microbusinesses to nationwide organisations with global customers.

We hold the same high standards on every project.

As well as supplying products from the likes of Corin, Cummins, and Mills, we also;

  • Show an appreciation of your need to maintain a positive working atmosphere.
  • Understand the various safety and legal requirements your business faces.
  • Appreciate your need to prevent damage to any tools, materials, or components.
  • Recognise industry-specific challenges and the need to overcome them.
  • Find tooling workshop storage solutions that support owners and workers alike.

Only the best will do for your business, and that means building a bespoke workshop setup. We have drawers,

cupboards, tooling racking and trolley systems that are perfect for engineering equipment of all kinds.

Whether you have a clear vision or need help creating that image, we’re here to help.

Storage Solutions You Can Trust

In addition to practical solutions, you need to know that your systems can be relied upon for years to come.

High-quality workshop storage will reduce maintenance and downtime

which subsequently boosts efficiency and guarantees value for money.

With over 60 years of experience to our name, Polstore is one of the most trusted experts in the industry.

Partnering with Polstore as your workshop storage supplier guarantees that you will;

  • Gain the support of a team that specialises in systems for industrial purposes,
  • Find storage that’s aligned to your workshop dimensions and operational needs.
  • Receive the highest-quality cabinets, racking, cupboards, and tooling solutions.
  • Benefit from transparent and responsive communication throughout the project.
  • Unlock the best prices and quick turnarounds to truly help your business thrive.

To learn more about the worktop storage systems that we can supply to your business premises,

get in touch on 0800 008 6861 today.


Your storage challenge is unique and we treat it as such. We will work with you from the outset to develop your plans and create the perfect storage product solution for you.

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