Taking your Business to The Next Level With The Polstore Reseller Program

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As well as selling direct to the customer, Polstore has an exceptional reseller program. One of our most recent resellers is Protool – a family owned business and an independent supplier of high quality precision tools, based near Sevenoaks, Kent.


Partners with a passion for quality and service

Established in March 2009, Protool pride themselves on the products they offer, supplying high quality tooling at the best possible price, helping their customers to reduce their costs. Like Polstore, they have specialisms in the engineering and manufacturing sectors. This focus on delivering a high quality product and service to their customers made them an ideal partner for the Polstore Reseller Program.


Behind the scenes – a first class team

Protool also has a team as passionate and committed about our storage solutions as you are about your own workspace. Protool take great pride in their team, putting a premium on hiring only the most approachable, friendly, and dedicated people to join them. They aim to excel in customer service at all times which means having the best staff onboard. This matches the Polstore ethos to have exceeded our clients expectations on handover.


Your partner in exceptional storage solutions.

The Polstore Reseller Program means our team work with you throughout the entire customer journey:

  • Marketing: We’ll provide you with priced catalogues and images to use on your website.
  • Products: You’ll have access to our ever-expanding range of storage solutions, be the first to know about new product innovation, have access to a range of colours for personalisation for your clients.
  • Sales and Service: As well as competitive discounts and rebates, the Polstore team can complete site surveys on your behalf. Our dedicated sales support team means you’ll have telephone and email support whenever you need it.

We also have UK stocked spares and accessories which means reliable and rapid next day delivery, and with just a 3-week manufacture lead time on our standard “S” range, your client can get that workshop set up in no-time. And of course, you and your clients have the added confidence of Polstore’s standard 10-year warranty on drawer units, and lifetime warranty on drawer slides and guide rails.


Why did Protool join the Polstore Reseller Program?

The main goal of Protool is to keep improving in all areas of quality and service, working closely with their partners, to ensure future success in a very competitive market. Having considered other storage solution providers, Protool chose to partner with Polstore because of the quality of our products, level of service and locality. They also wanted to work with a more exclusive supplier.

Polstore’s products are sold through the Protool website. They’ve also installed 6 drawer cabinets at their branch in Wrotham, Kent which have been fitted out with drawer dividers to support organisation, clear identifications and fast picking/dispatch.

Being a Polstore reseller has elevated their business by having a leading brand associated with exception storage solutions. They believe the Polstore badge of quality also elevates their customers’ business as well.


Could your business be a Polstore Partner?

If you would like to grow your business through partnership with Polstore, now is the time to get in touch. We’re actively looking for businesses to join our reseller program and to raise the quality of storage solutions across workshops throughout the UK.

To register your interest or find out more information contact our Sales Team on 0800 008 6861 or email enquiries@polstore.co.uk.

The main goal of Protool is to keep improving in all areas of quality and service, working closely with their partners, to ensure future success in a very competitive market.


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Your storage challenge is unique and we treat it as such. We will work with you from the outset to develop your plans and create the perfect storage product solution for you.

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