Engineering Workshop Storage

Engineering Workshop Storage

Workshop & Warehouse Storage Solutions

We offer a wide selection of premium workshop and warehouse storage solutions for all industrial, commercial and domestic engineering sectors.

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Engineering Workshop Storage & Cabinets

Since 1964 Polstore have been at the forefront of storage and retrieval solutions in the engineering and manufacturing arena.

Our ever-expanding range for the engineering industry includes tool storage cabinets, shelving, pallet racking, workbenches, engineering storage cabinets, engineering workshop storage, storage racks, CNC tool storage and transport solutions, plastic storage containers, floor matting, storage cupboards and accessories – all making your workspace organised and accessible helping you maintain focus on your daily tasks.

Whether you require a single item or a large project installation, through a staged process, we have the experience and resources to advise, design, budget, coordinate and execute achieving your workshop, warehouse and handling storage outcome.

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Engineers Storage Solutions

Our engineering storage systems are designed to help you control your operating costs by creating the most efficient and aesthetic working environments.

Each storage solution if correctly chosen has its own benefits. Whether you need to bring your tools and consumables into the work area or have a separate store feeding the workshop and warehouse.

Workshop CNC Storage

At Polstore, we offer heavy-duty workshop CNC storage, specifically designed to organise and manage tools, equipment, and accessories used in CNC machining operations within a workshop setting. Tailored to accommodate the unique requirements of CNC machinery, this includes the storage of cutting tools, measuring instruments, work holding devices, and tooling components.

Workshop CNC storage systems from Polstore are engineered to optimise space utilisation, provide easy access to tools, and ensure the efficient organisation of various CNC-related items. These storage solutions contribute to a well-structured and productive workshop environment, allowing for the safe and convenient storage of CNC tools and equipment.

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Your storage challenge is unique and we treat it as such. We will work with you from the outset to develop your plans and create the perfect storage product solution for you.

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