Winchester College Museum Picture Racks

New Museum Project

Winchester College was opening a new public access museum of the decorative arts in autumn 2014, owning a significant collection of some 360 watercolours representing the main English watercolourists of the 18th and 19th centuries, the result of three major donations, they were all given as a teaching resource for the school.

Previously their housing was secure, but very inaccessible for pupils and curator alike, making it difficult to select works for hanging or monitor conditions.

Polstore took the time to understand the slightly unusual brief, carefully explaining all the options and winning the pitch. The benefits of the new picture racks have been immense, the collection is accessible, visible and secure enabling the School to manage it much more efficiently to modern museum and gallery standards.

Study access for the boys is much improved. Polstore helped to maximise storage capacity within the room whilst maintaining sufficient space for the presence of a study group.

They took the time to understand our slightly unusual brief, carefully explained all the options and didn't mind making a couple of changes. Snagging was done quickly and efficiently and their follow up has been good.

Rachel Wragg
Museum Development Manager



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