USAF-Tyre storage racking

At Polstore, we relish the opportunity to be challenged by our clients. It’s an honour to be trusted time and time again to deliver storage solutions which match their needs, and when they request something extraordinary… we’re certainly intrigued!

Recently, this situation occurred when our usual request for car and truck tyre storage was taken up a level. This time, the tyres which needed storing were for an F-15 Fighter Jet for the USAF.

Reducing high wastage costs.

The main issue they were experiencing was damage to the tyre when it was being stored, and then when moved from storage to the actual plane. If not stored or handled correctly, any slight nick, cut or blemish deems the tyre useless. This incurs a high wastage cost.

Adapting our solution in line with growth.

Previously, we had installed a maintenance workshop storage area for the tools, parts and accessories which support the maintenance of the tyres and wheels. With increasing capacity and traffic across the area, our client was looking to reduce the space used for the workshop and increase storage capacity for the ever-increasing demand.

As part of our 5-step process, the Polstore team arranged a visit, conducted a detailed site survey, and then designed a bespoke storage solution ideal for this working area.

Based on our experience, we suggested a mobile racking system with a heavy duty mobile base system. We added a false floor with an aluminium chequer plate covering (due to high footfall), which supported the metal tyre storage shelving and mobile base chassis.

The mobile storage system is designed to provide unsurpassed levels of performance and strength designed for 24/7 repetitive use. The carriages are manufactured from fully welded cold rolled steel which is precision punched and welded in jigs to maintain accuracy. All drive and running gear components are of the highest quality available. All nuts and bolts are nyloc bright zinc plated high tensile grade 8.8.

The tyre store racking was then designed to accommodate aircraft wheels and tyres. The total dimensions of the system were 10,000mm long x 3,400mm wide with 10 lockable (hand wheel) manual mobile bases 3,400mm wide x 920mm deep. The galvanised metal shelving was designed to accommodate the aircraft wheels (with tyres) with a uniform distributed load of 200Kg per shelf (approx. 600Kg per bay).

Delivering success to new heights.

Our client now has a safe and secure compacted storage solution protecting their assets. Operators have easy access with clear and identifiable locations for wheel and tyres making the functionality of the workshop effective.


USAF-Tyre racking storage USAF Tyre storage cabinet USAF-Tyre storage racking


Your storage challenge is unique and we treat it as such. We will work with you from the outset to develop your plans and create the perfect storage product solution for you.

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