Second NAMRC manufacturing research facility fit out

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Polstore top of the list for second NAMRC project

The Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (NAMRC) first began working with Polstore in 2018, to fit out new facilities at the iHub in Derby. A thorough tender process identified Polstore offered the best pricing, lead times and quality according to their scorecard system, and the contract was awarded to Polstore.

Five years later, NAMRC had a completely new facility to fit out and it’s no surprise that Polstore was top of the list to discuss their requirements with.

Tried and tested products and a relationship built on trust

Since the original fit out in 2018, the teams at NAMRC have had several logistical moves where Polstore storage was dismantled, relocated and rebuilt. Operations Manager Ben Sowerby commented that these moves tested the robustness and quality of the storage units they invested in: “The Polstore units have been taken apart, rebuilt and reinstalled and they are still great quality and as good as new.”

Consistency in quality and aesthetics

It was important to NAMRC that the second fit out matched the quality and aesthetics of the first. NAMRC required new storage units designed in their corporate colours, with the same finishes and materials, and knew this could easily be achieved by continuing to work with Polstore. An extension to the original tender was granted.

The storage solutions project

The second project was to fit out a new staff facility. It utilised some storage units from the first project as well as new items including desks, worktops and chairs. The key was to create the same look and feel as the other workspaces, through the NAMRC corporate colours and storage choices. As well as installing new units, Polstore dismantled, relocated and reinstalled existing units.

There was a relatively tight deadline as the new workspace had to be ready for staff to begin working there within two months. Having worked with Polstore before, NAMRC could trust that Polstore would adhere to this important deadline.

Challenges with the workshop storage units

Initially, the installation was halted for 4-weeks due to building works. At this stage, the new units had already been ordered and were ready for their new home.

“Polstore offered to hold the stock at their facility until we were ready for the install. In our experience, this is all part of the great customer service that you can expect from Polstore,” commented Ben.

There was an issue with worktop table legs which Polstore swiftly resolved. The colour of the table legs did not match the corporate colours. This was identified as soon as the unit was being unpacked ready for install. Ben was impressed with how Polstore promptly resolved the error:

“As soon as the error was noticed, Adam Lucas immediately stepped in. The team returned the incorrect legs the same day, and within a week the correct colour legs were delivered and installed. The team has always been responsive like that.”

Why choose Polstore

As a publicly funded organisation, value for money is a key factor in purchasing decisions at NAMRC. Having been extremely satisfied with both the quality and robustness of Polstore storage solutions and high level of customer service in the first project, NAMRC knew Polstore was the only choice for this second fit out.

“They are very good at understanding our needs and the look we are trying to get within budget,”  said Ben. “When you buy from Polstore, you get excellent customer service. My experience with Adam and Kristina is that anytime I pick up the phone or email them, they get back to me immediately or at the most within 24 hours.”

For anyone planning a new workspace and looking for quality storage solutions, Ben offered this advice:

“Contact Polstore. Tell them what your project is, what your budget is, what your expectations are and what you need. You’ll get an answer that ticks all your boxes very, very quickly.”

If you have a project in mind, speak to our highly experienced team to find out how Polstore can transform your workspace. Contact us on

Read the case study on the first installation with NAMRC here.

The Polstore units have been taken apart, rebuilt and reinstalled and they are still great quality and as good as new

Benjamin Sowerby
Operations Manager, Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre


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