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Mobile Toolbox Trolley

If you’re looking for a Polstore workshop storage solution which offers mobility, then our mobile toolboxes should be top of the list. Ideal for when tools and equipment need to have more flexibility, they are also modular in design so can be configured to adapt to your needs.

Our high density toolboxes and toolbox trolley can accommodate heavy and fragile items, as well as asset and tool storage, with drawer load capacities rated from 60 to 200kg. We design our internal drawer tray systems to meet your exact workshop storage requirements using routed foam inlays, metal partitioning and plastic boxes. We also have several options for security and structural enhancements.

So robust and durable, our portable tool cabinets and toolboxes are now NATO-approved.

Workshop Toolbox

Polstore’s workshop toolbox is a versatile and practical storage solution designed to meet the needs of CNC tooling storage, professional workshops and industrial settings. Built for durability and functionality, our toolboxes offer secure and organised storage for a wide range of tools and equipment.

With customisable configurations and high-quality construction, our mobile toolboxes provide a reliable and efficient way to store, protect, and access essential tools, promoting a more organised and productive work environment.

Product Information

The versatile and highly functional portable tool workshop trolley from Polstore is designed to meet the heavy duty needs of workshops, offices and warehouses.

Dimensions range from 411mm to 1516mm in width and depths of 572mm and 725mm.

Whether you require compact storage or ample space for your tools and equipment, this trolley offers the flexibility to accommodate your specific requirements.

Crafted with precision and durability, it provides a convenient and organised solution for storing and transporting your tools, making it an essential addition to any workshop or garage.

With its robust construction and adjustable dimensions, this portable tool workshop trolley from Polstore is the perfect companion for all your storage and organisational needs.

Our mobile toolboxes can be configured to match your individual needs as they are modular in design.

This means as well as securely storing tools or high-value and fragile items, our mobile drawer cabinets can also store heavy loads, with drawer load capacities of up to 200kg.

Select from our standard model numbers or design your personalised drawer combination maximising your workshop storage capacity.

Manufactured from high quality steel, our mobile toolboxes will withstand the most demanding environments and heavy repetitive use.

To enhance security, we can make structural enhancements such as design changes and external steel reinforcements. We also have a variety of lock modifications including single drawer opening, external locking flap and individual drawer locking.

Electronic locking is also available which gives a higher level of security and a greater degree of flexibility and auditability, not otherwise possible with traditional access solutions.

The internal drawer trays can also be specifically designed around your individual needs.

Whether using our range of drawer divider kits, which enable partitions to be mechanically fixed stop migration of items stored, or routed foam inlays, we can meet your exact workshop storage requirements.

Our routed foam shadow boards and foam inserts are a cost-effective workshop storage solution which not only protects assets and tools but also instantly alerts users to misplaced items through a very simple visual cue.

Foams Tool & Asset Control

For added confidence, all of our portable tool chests and tool box trolleys are covered by our standard 10 year guarantee.

In addition, all our workshop storage drawer slides and guide rails are covered by a lifetime warranty.

For a free consultation on a workshop storage trolley for your workplace, get in touch with our UK team today.

A workshop trolley is a mobile storage unit designed to provide convenient organisation and transport of tools, equipment, and supplies within a workshop or garage. It typically features multiple drawers, compartments, and shelves, along with sturdy wheels for easy manoeuvrability. Workshop trolleys are essential for maintaining a tidy and efficient workspace.

A toolbox trolley offers exceptional mobility, allowing easy transportation of tools and equipment. Its multiple compartments and drawers provide organised storage, saving time and effort. The trolley’s sturdy construction ensures durability, while its ergonomic design reduces strain on the user. Overall, it enhances efficiency and convenience in various work settings.

A toolbox trolley improves efficiency by providing easy access to tools and allowing for smooth mobility within the workshop or garage. With all tools organised and easily movable, workers save time searching for equipment and can complete tasks more quickly, boosting overall productivity.


Blue mobile toolbox storage trolley for tools Blue mobile toolbox storage trolley


Your storage challenge is unique and we treat it as such. We will work with you from the outset to develop your plans and create the perfect storage product solution for you.

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