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Foam Inserts – Tool & Asset Control Organiser

Custom foam inserts are tailor-made so that each tool or piece of equipment has a dedicated cut-out space.

Routed foam shadow boards and foam inserts are a cost-effective storage solution which instantly alerts the user if an item is missing through a very simple visual cue.

It also has the capacity to safely store an item within a secure defined aperture. The system was originally devised to meet the safety requirements of the aerospace industry – ensuring that tools used in the construction and maintenance of aircraft are never misplaced and instantly located.

Storage Accessories for Your Workshop & Garage Toolbox

Toolbox foams offer a multitude of benefits, making them an invaluable asset for efficient tool organisation. With each tool having its designated spot, visibility and accessibility are maximised, ensuring that the right tool is always within arm’s reach.

Additionally, the custom foams provide premium protection, safeguarding tools and extending their lifespan, thus offering excellent value and a wise investment. The bold colours of the foams enable swift identification of missing tools, saving valuable search time and streamlining the workspace for enhanced precision and efficiency.

The entire process, from data capture to manufacturing, is handled by us, leaving you to enjoy the benefits of a well-organised workspace without any hassle.

If you’ve experienced the frustration of searching for a tool or the inconvenience of replacing damaged equipment, shadow foam is the solution for you.

Product Information

Each foam shadow board system is manufactured from durable plastazote foam and created to the exact dimensions of your unique layout.

Right Tool, Right Place: Ensure efficiency with every tool in its designated spot, visible, and within arm’s reach.

Asset Protection: Our custom foams offer premium protection, ensuring your tool’s peak condition.

Cost-Efficient Solution: We provide excellent value and a solution to extend your tools’ lifespan, a wise investment.

Visual Audit in a Glance: Bold alarm colours swiftly identify missing tools. Everything is in its place saving wasted search time.

Time-Saving Precision: Precise tool placement in toolboxes streamlines your workspace, saving you valuable task time.

Making it Easy for You: From data capture to manufacturing, we handle the entire process, leaving you to enjoy the benefits of a well-organised workspace.

Don’t let disorganisation slow you down. Simplify, optimise, and stay efficient with Shadow Foams – the ultimate solution for a streamlined workspace!

Step 1: Share Your Vision – Send us your items, layout ideas, and specifications.
Step 2: Precision Surveying – Our team meticulously surveys, scans, and measures all your tools and equipment to ensure a perfect fit.
Step 3: Your Approval Matters – Review the detailed 2D layout we send., Feel free to suggest any changes to make sure it meets your exact needs.
Step 4: Final Layout Approval – Once satisfied, give us the green light. Your final layout is signed off and ready for production.
Step 5: Crafted with Care – Our skilled team manufacture your Shadow Foams with precision. Each piece undergoes thorough inspection and quality checks before it leaves our facility.
Step 6: Hassle-Free Despatch – Customised foams are paired with your tools and assets and securely despatched to your doorstep.
Step 7: Unbox, Organise, Wow! – Get ready to be wowed as you unbox your meticulously organised tools. Experience efficient organisation and elevate your workflow with custom Shadow Board Foams from the start.

Revolutionise your workspace – organised tools, organised success!

Read more about our step by step process for creating shadow board foam here.

A tool box foam insert is a customisable foam liner designed to fit inside a tool box or other storage container. It allows users to create individualised compartments by removing foam to fit specific tools, providing cushioning and organisation to keep items secure and easily accessible.

Custom shadow foam stands out as a distinctive product, crafted entirely from polyethene with a unique composition that facilitates clean cutting and easy peeling. This feature enables professional-looking foam liners for toolboxes, flight cases and various other storage solutions.

By blending the user-friendly nature of pick ‘n’ pluck foam with the durability and excellence of costly custom CNC foam liners, shadow foam offers a simple and affordable means of safeguarding and organising your equipment.

Toolbox foam inserts are widely utilised in various industries and applications to efficiently organise tools. They are commonly employed in automotive repair and maintenance, aerospace and aviation, manufacturing and engineering, construction and carpentry, electrical and electronic maintenance, plumbing, and HVAC services.

Additionally, these foam inserts are beneficial for military and defense applications, as well as in medical and surgical instrument organization.

They are also valuable in the field of precision equipment maintenance, such as for calibration and measurement tools, and in the maintenance of power and hand tools across a broad spectrum of industries.

Any industry or application that requires systematic tool organization and easy tool retrieval can benefit from the use of toolbox foam inserts.

Plastazote foam offers a range of benefits due to its unique properties. It is lightweight, durable, and resistant to chemicals and moisture, making it ideal for various applications.

The foam provides excellent cushioning and impact protection, making it suitable for packaging, medical devices, and sports equipment.

Additionally, Plastazote foam is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and resistant to bacteria, making it safe for use in medical and orthopaedic applications. Its closed-cell structure also provides thermal insulation and buoyancy, expanding its utility in diverse industries.

The foam is easily moldable and can be customised to fit specific shapes and sizes, offering versatility in design and manufacturing.

Custom made tool control foam from Polstore Storage Systems is a top-quality solution for organising and safeguarding tools. Each foam shadow board system is meticulously crafted from durable Plastazote foam, ensuring longevity and reliability.

What sets this product apart is its customisability, as it is tailored to the exact dimensions of your unique layout. From workshop drawers, cabinets and cupboards, tool storage racks, mobile tool trolleys, our tool control foam is manufactured to your specific requirements.

This attention to detail guarantees a perfect fit for your tools, making it easier to keep track of them and maintain an efficient workspace.

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