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Engineering workshop workbench storage

Workshop Workbench Storage

Hubs of activity within engineering workshops are often built around a workbench or workstation. At Polstore, we have many ways to tailor workbenches to make them task-specific and bespoke to your needs, making them a popular workshop storage solution.

Polstore workbenches can be built as static stand-alone units, and with the simple addition of castor sets, can also be made mobile. Manufactured from high quality steel, our workbench storage solutions are highly durable, and come with 40mm thick multiplex wood worktops as standard.

Transform your workstation into an exceptional workshop storage solution with Polstore’s range of workshop storage drawer cabinets, shadow boards and tool storage accessories.

Workbench With Storage

Equip workspaces with Polstore’s robust steel workbenches providing sturdy platforms for handling heavy machinery, large-scale assembly and rigorous tasks.

Incorporating essential storage needs underneath, these industrial-strength benches feature lockable cupboards, cabinets and drawers for organised component access and CNC tool storage. Protect contents with secure doors and sturdy padlock eyelets.

Optional sets of drawers, pegboards, shelves and surfaces deliver customised practicality. Durable, ergonomic and adaptable; Polstore’s workbenches bring strong efficient utility to maintenance shops, workshops, warehouses and demanding environments.

Specify exact sizing for a tailored fitout of dedicated project spaces built for intensity. Maximise personnel productivity and tidy workflows with Polstore’s heavy duty workbenches. Contact our team today for a free quote.

Product Information

Primarily designed for heavy-duty use with load capacities reaching 1500kg as standard, our workbench systems offer high flexibility in task-oriented work environments, whilst also exceeding the industry’s most rigorous demands.

Our heavy duty workbenches for workshops are the ideal solution for use in industrial settings. With robust construction and decades of experience in workplace products, our durable benches are designed to meet specific requirements, offering a durable and reliable workspace for a variety of working environments.

With standard and mobility options, our workbenches are a great solution for garage areas, workshop equipment, and woodworking tasks, ensuring that your heavy duty industrial workbenches are equipped to handle the toughest of challenges.

Whether you’re looking for engineering workbenches, industrial workbenches, workshop workbenches, a mobile work bench, or even a garage bench with storage, we can help.

We offer a design, supply and installation service for workbenches and storage solutions for all industries. Our sales team is available via email or phone to assist with any queries and to help tailor the workbenches to your exact specifications.

When you need more flexibility as to the location of your workbench, our castor sets can easily be added to create a mobile solution. Just like the bench, our castor sets are designed for heavy use so will be built to last.

With Polstore, you can create the perfect storage combination for your workbench or workstation. Our range of engineering workshop drawer cabinets, cupboards and shelves help to keep all tools and equipment close to hand.

Back wall space can be utilised with our perforated back panels and tool shadow boards, easily kept secure with our roller shutters.

All Polstore workbenches come with multiplex wood worktops as standard and we have many other options available to create the right worktop for you. These include multiplex worktop with rubber cover, laminated, MDF, lino, stainless steel or galvanised covers.

If the traditional rectangular workbench doesn’t work for you, we also have hexagonal ones too.

Experience the pinnacle of functionality and durability with the engineering workbenches from Polstore. Designed to meet the rigorous demands of engineering environments, these workbenches are crafted with precision and expertise.

Featuring robust construction and versatile configurations, they provide the ideal platform for engineering tasks, from assembly and testing to intricate precision work.

With a focus on ergonomics and efficiency, our workbenches are equipped with customisable accessories, integrated storage solutions, and durable work surfaces, ensuring a seamless and productive workspace.

Maximise productivity in your workspace with Polstore’s efficient workshop workbenches and integrated drawer storage. These versatile workstations combine a durable, spacious work surface with easily accessible tool storage right at your fingertips.

Choose from a variety of heavy-duty worktop materials like laminate, hardwood, or stainless steel to withstand daily wear and tear.

Beneath the sturdy work surface, an array of drawer cabinets provides ample storage while eliminating clutter from your workspace. With load capacities up to 200kg per drawer, these workbenches can securely hold everything from delicate electronics to bulky machinery parts.

Polstore’s modular design allows you to customise the drawer configuration and organisation to your exact specifications using options like partitioned trays and routed foam tool inserts. Built-in features like overhang handles and locking systems add even more functionality.

By combining robust workbench construction with intelligent storage, these all-in-one units ensure tools and components are always within reach for ultimate efficiency.


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Your storage challenge is unique and we treat it as such. We will work with you from the outset to develop your plans and create the perfect storage product solution for you.

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