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Shelving & Racking Storage Solutions

Polstore offers a complete range of shelving and racking storage solutions to suit all private and commercial sectors. With a highly experienced and qualified team we cover product supply, installations, relocations, service and repair works.

Our diverse range includes light and heavy duty shelving, office shelving, mobile shelving, wide span racking, longspan racking, pallet racking, tyre racking, cantilever racks, multi tier systems, mezzanine floors and platforms.

We provide a rapid and professional service and with a highly experienced and qualified UK team of installers who are SEIRS, Safe Contractor and SEMA approved.

We design and create the optimum workspace and warehouse solutions, whether it is in the form of small rows of shelves or multi-tier shelving systems Polstore provides the optimal solution for any size of warehouse or store area.

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Product Information

Shelving systems are a flexible solution ideal for storing a varied range of goods and parts whether small or bulky, light or heavy. Easily customised, either with bolts or with clips, the user is ensured an efficient storage and retrieval process.

With a starter bay (2 upright, shelves + brace) and then the addition of an extension bay (1 upright + shelves) rows of shelving can be constructed for all applications.

With an extensive range of shelving accessories and a series of solutions, an infinite number of designs can be achieved.


Polstore’s mobile shelving systems are available as a manual or electric version and either lightweight or heavy duty chassis system depending of the load capcity requirement. The main advantages with a mobile system are:

  • up to 80% increase in storage capacity
  • up to 50% saving in floor space with the same storage volume
  • lower storage space costs compared to standard shelving
  • maximum use of work space
  • quicker storage and retrieval times
  • can support various products including shelving, longspan racking, pallet racking, plan chest and modular storage cabinets
  • false floor allowing future relocation – rails and many decking options

We have a wide range of shelving systems ideally suited for office environments and office storage archives.

Usually a lighter version of shelving is required, however paper when stored requires a suprisingly high load capacity shelf. Not only functional, but also creating the correct culture is an important factor we like to keep in mind. Our entry level single skin adjustable shelving is the most cost effective. However if you are looking for snag free shelving system then the double skin option is most suited due to the square edged upright.

Load capacities range from 25-150kg per shelf and shelving heights can reach up to 4000mm high. We offer both MFC and powder coated steel options allowing Polstore to enhance your office space to an ergonomic and efficient working space.


With our Longspan shelving’s modular design, and fast and easy assembly you can achieve the maximum possible storage capacity, regardless of the space you have available.

The Longspan Shelving system allows for the easy adjustment of storage heights and configurations as your requirements change; providing a system that moves and changes with you.

Longspan is equally suited for warehouse and office environments; easily configurable for a number of different applications. From low level hand-loaded shelving, to high-rise systems.

Incorporating varying frame and beam sizes, customising the system for your exact needs is really straightforward.  Medium and Longspan bays can be combined in the same rack, and a bolt-free, lock-in system ensures support beams remain in position. Longspan frames and beams are powder-coated anthracite and grey white.


We are a leading provider of industrial pallet racking expertly designed and engineered to enable your business to increase capacity, productivity and efficiency and focus on the task in hand.

Pallet racking can be easily configured in a variety of ways based on your needs and pallet load, to ensure a functional and logical warehouse storage solution for you.

We can supply and install with our highly experienced and qualified team:

  • standard wide aisle pallet racking
  • narrow aisle racking
  • mobile pallet racking
  • pallet shuttle systems
  • drive in racking
  • pallet flow racking
  • multi-tier pallet racking

We also offer a wide range accessories including barriers for pallet racking, column guards, pull out pallet systems, sprinkler brackets, barrel supports, wood / steel / wire mesh shelves and racking dividers.

Feel free to contact us for storage advice and a no obligation proposal  as we are here to help you find the perfect pallet racking storage solution for your requirements.

Optimal storage of tyres is about obtaining the maximum amount of tyre storage in the available space without affecting the quality of the tyre – while ensuring efficient and ergonomic handling, through all seasons. The basic layout of a warehouse  is often already set, so this very much decides the storage solution you choose. However, it still needs to be flexible enough to precisely fit whatever height, depth and width is available.

And this is what our products are designed for. Standardised components are assembled into a tailor-made solution – easy to install, durable in use, and easy to adjust and
readjust again. Thereby the variety of applications is almost endless with either static tyre storage systems or mobile tyre racking systems – from a small shelving system for a local “used car dealer” to an automated high-rise rack installation for the international tyre manufacturer.

The Medium & Heavy Duty Cantilever is ideal if you need to store long and difficult items such as steel bars, piping, tubes or timber. Storage is horizontal, so can be handled manually or by forklift.

The Medium & Heavy Duty Cantilever is a versatile, modular system for storage of long or large goods. It’s perfect for all types of warehousing environments, and with no front uprights obstructing load placing and retrieval, all levels are available to a forklift.

Additional arms, uprights and braces can be added as storage requirements change, while single- and double-sided configurations provide maximum storage capacity – be it on a single central column, or fitting tightly against a wall.

All aspects of the Cantilever’s design comply with recommendations of the FEM 10.2.09 normative and EN 1993-1-1:2006 Design of Steel Structures.

The Medium & Heavy Duty Cantilever offers the following features and benefits as standard:

  • Totally bespoke system according to user requirements
  • Columns, bases and horizontal arms – creating a complete structure
  • Ideal for safe and efficient storage of long or large goods
  • Maximises horizontal space
  • Adjustable length and spacing between profiles
  • Can also be installed on a MOVO heavy duty mobile trolley
  • Efficient design with latest software, and compliant with IPE European standards, set by FEM and EN



Your storage challenge is unique and we treat it as such. We will work with you from the outset to develop your plans and create the perfect storage product solution for you.

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