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Weapons Storage Solutions

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Weapons storage

Armoury Storage & Weapons Rack

Working closely with our military, police forces and heritage clients, we understand the importance of following strict guidelines. This ensures safe and secure weapons and ammunition workshop storage.

Our continuous product development and flexible approach allow us to offer complete weapons workshop storage solutions – standard or bespoke.

At Polstore Storage Systems, we have the resources to supply secure weapons storage racks, weapons lockers, and workshop shelving systems. With our range of NATO-approved workshop cabinets, we can design, supply and install complete armoury and workshop fit-outs permanent or deployable. We also offer military storage containers.

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Product Information

Our world-class weapons storage rack solution is specifically designed for high-density storage, easy ID visual audit and a secure locking system.

Manufactured from heavy-duty steel and with a powder-coated paint finish our workshop storage racks can be designed to accommodate all types and sizes of barrelled weapons.

The barrel is seated in a U-shaped cutout and protected with a silicone-edged surround and the stock is seated into a cutout base area again with a silicone-edge surround. The weapons storage racks can be stacked on top of one another and bolted together side by side.

There are 4 types of security options:

  1. No locking mechanism
  2. Metal tabs to accommodate a wire and padlock
  3. Horizontal bar fixed into position across the barrel height with a locking hasp
  4. Lockable hinged doors with HASP lock for padlock security

Due to the endless amount of weapon designs over the years in the military and heritage sectors we have tried to design a flexible and modular weapons system to accommodate such a variety of weapon types.

From experience one of the crucial requirements for workshop storage for weapons is robustness due to the heavy-use environments and working practices involved. Our universal weapons shelving systems are ideal due to several key benefits:

  • Load capacity 5500 kg SWL per bay
  • Ability to mix workshop drawers and shelves in a single bay
  • Drawer and pull-out shelf load capacity 200kg SWL
  • Slimline design for higher-density storage

Designs are limitless with different workshop drawer types (horizontal or vertical), widths (411-1428mm) and bay heights from 1000-3000mm. We also have the capability of additional features such as bespoke bracketry, foam inserts and matting.


A hybrid system designed to accommodate clothing, kit, weapons and other accessories. Manufactured in steel and powder coated to a colour of your choice the kit lockers have a clothes rail, weapons rack, pistol storage shelf, pull-out drawer and perforated rear panel for hooks.


High-density weapons storage is a critical component of efficient and secure weapon management in military, police forces and law enforcement settings.

Polstore offers a range of innovative weapons storage solutions designed to maximise space utilisation and provide enhanced security for firearms and tactical gear.

Our products feature high-density storage systems, such as mobile racking and compact weapon storage, which optimise storage capacity while ensuring quick and secure access to weapons when needed.

Polstore’s solutions are engineered to meet the stringent requirements of armouries, armament rooms, and tactical response units, providing a reliable and organised storage environment for firearms, ammunition, and related equipment.

With a focus on durability, accessibility, and space efficiency, Polstore’s high-density weapons storage solutions cater to the specialised needs of military and law enforcement organisations.


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Your storage challenge is unique and we treat it as such. We will work with you from the outset to develop your plans and create the perfect storage product solution for you.

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