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Plastic Tilt Bins for Storage

At Polstore Storage Systems, a leading provider of storage solutions in the UK, we provide a range of tilt bin storage. Finding an affordable way to store all of the resources you need can be a challenge. Our unibox plastic tilt bins offer a convenient storage solution for vans and garages with easy access, without costing a small fortune.

Tilt bins are clear plastic storage bins for products and tools that need to be stored, viewed and retrieved quickly. The UNIBOX Tilt Bin system offers an excellent way of storing small parts in visible locations – this promotes visual stock control and negates migrating stock. Available with wall racks, freestanding racks, trolleys and vertical drawer systems.

Workshop Tilt Bins

Plastic tilt bins are excellent for organising storage spaces of all kinds. Their angled fronts allow easy viewing and quick access to contents. Built sturdy yet lightweight, these stackable bins keep items clean and dust-free.

They come in a variety of colours and sizes to suit different storage needs, with some featuring built-in handles and wheels for maximum portability around homes, garages, offices, and warehouses. Durable and affordable, plastic tilt bins enable tidy, customised storage solutions.

Product Information

It is useful for commercial van and vehicle storage, electrical component storage, shop products, spare storage etc… The revolutionary clear hinged lid allows the user immediate access to spare parts.

The design allows each box (3 to 9 compartments) to be stacked on benches or wall racks, trolleys, rotary towers and vertical drawers.

Unibox 3: 600x200x240mm high / Compartment: 190x146x225mm high

Unibox 4: 600x170x206mm high / Compartment: 142x130x194mm high

Unibox 5: 600x133x164mm high / Compartment: 113x100x150mm high

Unibox 6: 600x91x112mm high / Compartment: 87x66x100mm high

Unibox 9: 600x51x77mm high / Compartment: 59x45x65mm high

Wall racks:
600x25x1500mm high
600x25x1750mm high
600x25x1950mm high

Free-standing rack: available with 62, 66, 70 & 117 compartments.
600x325x1500mm high
600x325x1750mm high
600x325x1950mm high

Trolleys: available in 66, 70, 84, 88 & 120 compartments.
600x750x1365mm high

Vertical drawers: available in 344, 480 & 720 compartments.
1073x707x2000mm high
1481x707x2000mm high

In any workshop, garage, or storage facility, staying organised is key to maximising productivity and efficiency. That’s where Polstore Storage Systems’ tilt bin solutions come into play, offering a convenient and affordable way to store and access your essential tools, parts, and supplies.

Our plastic tilt bins provide a versatile and user-friendly option for storing and retrieving items quickly. These clear plastic bins are designed with an angled front, allowing for easy viewing and access to the contents within. Whether you’re working in a busy workshop or organising your home garage, the tilt bins ensure that your frequently used items are always within reach.

Our tilt bin systems are available in a range of configurations to suit your specific needs. From wall-mounted racks to freestanding units and mobile trolleys, you can create a customised storage solution that maximises your available space and workflow. The modular design allows for easy expansion or reconfiguration as your storage requirements evolve.

Our workshop tilt bins are built to withstand the demands of industrial environments, ensuring your valuable tools, components, and supplies are kept safe, clean, and easily accessible. The sturdy yet lightweight construction, combined with the angled design, promotes quick identification and retrieval of items, minimising downtime and improving overall productivity.

Contact the Polstore team today to discuss your organised and productive workspace or storage area.

In addition to tilt bins, we offer a range of storage for workshops to warehouse storage. Take a look at our other products from plastic storage bins, workshop drawers, CNC tool storage, tool trolleys, steel plan chestscupboards and cabinets, and steel lockers.



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