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Storage container fit out for armoury

Secure Mobile Shipping Container Storage Solutions

Polstore Storage Systems, a leading provider of storage solutions in the UK, offers a range of workshop fit-outs and storage specifically designed for ISO container conversions.

Through R&D and innovation, we can install secure storage systems, racking and shipping container solutions fitted out to your exact storage requirements. Whether for a workshop, garage, welfare area, armoury, police force, museum, cafe or gym we can supply container conversions to meet your needs.

Internal features can include insulation & lining, secure door & window systems, flooring, lighting & electrical packages, humidity HVAC control, cabinets and shelving, workbench solutions, tool storage, machine tools and other accessories.

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Deployable Armouries Storage Fitouts

Looking for a deployable storage container solution? Through R&D and innovation, we offer secure deployable storage container solutions fitted out to your exact storage requirements.

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Product Information

Quite simply we convert 20ft & 40ft shipping containers into exceptional workspaces. Learning from our workshop fit-out experience we can now transpose this across onto a shipping container footprint creating box clever workspaces.

Various levels of design and finish can be achieved, along with easy installation, depending on your budget and project requirements.

We can fit out a shipping container workshop to your exact specification with optional extras including:

Polstore Storage Systems offers custom shipping container workshops, providing a versatile and practical solution for various industrial and commercial applications.

These workshops are meticulously designed to meet specific requirements, offering a fully equipped and organised space within a shipping container.

With tailored storage solutions, including shelving, racking, and tool storage, the workshop ensures efficient utilisation of space and easy access to equipment and materials. The container is equipped with durable and secure storage systems, making it suitable for a wide range of uses, from construction sites and manufacturing facilities to remote project locations.

Whether for mobile workshops or permanent installations, Polstore’s custom shipping container workshop delivers a comprehensive and adaptable storage solution to meet diverse industry needs.

We offer a range of innovative racking systems designed specifically for shipping containers. These racking systems maximise the utilisation of space within the confined environment of a shipping container, enabling businesses to optimise their storage and logistics operations.

One of the key advantages of shipping container racking systems is their modular and customisable design. The racks can be tailored to fit the dimensions of various container sizes, ensuring seamless integration and efficient use of the available space. Whether you have standard 20ft or 40ft containers, or even specialised high-cube containers, Polstore can create a racking solution that meets your specific requirements.

The racking systems are constructed using high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. The robust steel frames are designed to withstand the rigours of transportation and handling, providing a secure and stable storage solution for your goods. The racks can be configured with various shelf types, including solid steel or wire mesh, to accommodate a wide range of items, from heavy-duty industrial parts to delicate and fragile products.

One of the standout features of our shipping container racking systems is their versatility. The modular design allows for easy installation and reconfiguration, enabling businesses to adapt their storage layout as their needs evolve. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for companies that require temporary or seasonal storage, as the racking can be quickly and efficiently installed or relocated as required.

In addition to the racking systems, we also offer a range of complementary storage accessories, such as adjustable shelves, dividers, and locking mechanisms. These accessories further enhance the functionality and security of the storage solution, ensuring your goods are well-organised and protected.

Investing in a Polstore shipping container racking system can bring numerous benefits to your business. By maximising the available space within your containers, you can increase your storage capacity, improve inventory management, and streamline your logistics operations. The robust construction and customisable design ensure your goods are stored safely and securely, while the flexibility of the system allows you to adapt to changing business needs.

When converting shipping containers into customised spaces, the use of adjustable shelving and bracket systems is essential for maximising the available floor space.

Adjustable shelving units allow for multiple shelf levels to be configured, enabling businesses to tailor the storage capacity to their specific needs.

The shelves can be easily installed and reconfigured as requirements change, ensuring efficient use of the container’s interior. Complementing the shelving, Polstore’s sturdy brackets provide a secure and reliable way to mount the shelves, supporting even the heaviest of loads.

The mobile armoury solution is contained within a 20 ft or 40 ft storage container including a secure door set, internal wall cladding and durable chequer plate floor. Optional extras include an alarm and air conditioning system.

Split into two areas, the internal layout has been designed to ensure the rapid deployment of operatives. The first area includes a weapon maintenance workbench with underside storage, perforated storage wall panelling for fixture storage, kit and weapons lockers and shelving for rolling thunder go bags.

The second area is partitioned by a heavy-duty mesh panelled wall and secure door adding another layer of security for weapons storage. A double-height weapons rack for carbines and a pistol storage drawer cabinet are secured within this area.

All our deployable storage containers meet the highest of standards and have been rigorously third party tested.

Fitted out shipping containers refer to shipping containers that have been converted and customised for specific uses beyond just transporting goods.

Some examples of fitted out shipping containers include:

  1. Office Spaces: Shipping containers can be retrofitted into office spaces, providing a portable and cost-effective solution for businesses that need temporary or remote office facilities.
  2. Retail Spaces: Containers can be transformed into small retail stores, pop-up shops, or food and beverage establishments, often used in markets, festivals, or as mobile retail units.
  3. Residential Units: Shipping containers can be converted into living spaces, such as tiny homes, vacation rentals, or temporary housing, taking advantage of their sturdy and modular construction.
  4. Storage and Workshops: Containers can be outfitted as secure storage units, workshops, or even garages, providing a versatile and weatherproof space.
  5. Specialised Facilities: Containers can be customised to accommodate specific needs, such as medical clinics, mobile classrooms, or even mobile data centres.

Shipping containers for storage offers a range of benefits, including portability, cost-effectiveness, and the ability to repurpose and reuse existing infrastructure.

To learn more about our workshop container solutions and how we can optimise your storage and logistics, contact our team of storage experts today.


Deployable command post Shipping container conversion and fit out Deployable command post Shipping container fit out Shipping container conversion Deployable command post weapons storage in routed foam inserts weapons storage in storage container workshop storage bench in storage container Storage container fit out for armoury


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