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Steel mesh partitioning cages

Steel Mesh Cages & Mesh Security Cages for Safe Storage

At Polstore Storage Systems, a leading provider of storage solutions in the UK, we offer a wide range of steel mesh cages for storage, cladding, partitioning and anti collapse mesh from standard to custom designs used for a variety of applications.

Whether for quarantine, security, store enclosures or segregation gas bottle storage, our steel mesh system can be customised to suit your requirements.

Product Information

Mesh security cages are enclosures typically made from high-strength steel and designed to provide secure storage for high-value or hazardous items within a workplace or commercial setting.

These metal cages are often used to safeguard important equipment, tools, or materials, and they can come in various standard sizes and configurations to suit different storage needs. The mesh construction allows for visibility of the contents while providing a level of security and protection.

Explore our superb range of mesh cages here at Polstore Storage Systems.

Polstore Storage Systems offers a versatile range of steel cages, including mesh cages, cladding, partitioning, and anti-collapse mesh, available in standard or custom designs to suit various applications. These steel cages provide secure storage, partitioning, and safety solutions for industrial, commercial, and institutional settings.

From safeguarding valuable equipment to creating secure storage enclosures, Polstore’s steel cages are designed to meet diverse needs.

The robust construction and customisable options make these cages a reliable choice for enhancing safety, security, and organisation across a wide range of industries and applications.

Anti-collapse mesh is a crucial safety feature used in industrial and commercial environments to prevent stored items from falling and causing accidents.

This mesh is designed to provide a protective barrier, especially in high-level storage areas, to minimise the risk of items spilling over and causing harm to personnel or damage to property. By acting as a containment system, anti-collapse mesh enhances workplace safety and helps maintain an organised and secure storage environment.

Its robust construction and ability to withstand heavy loads make it an essential component for ensuring the safety and stability of storage systems in various industrial and commercial settings.

Steel mesh partitioning is a versatile solution for creating secure and designated areas within a workspace. Whether you need to section off a storage area, create secure enclosures, or provide segregation for safety purposes, steel mesh partitioning offers a combination of visibility and security.

By using high-strength steel mesh panels, these partitions allow light and visibility to pass through while maintaining a strong barrier. This makes them ideal for areas where supervision or monitoring is necessary without compromising security.

At Polstore Storage Systems, our steel mesh partitioning options can be customised to fit your specific requirements.

Mesh cages are a fundamental component of industrial and commercial settings, offering a blend of security and visibility for storage solutions.

Polstore Storage Systems leads the way in providing a diverse range of steel mesh cages tailored to meet various needs across different industries.

Whether it’s safeguarding valuable equipment or ensuring secure storage enclosures, Polstore’s mesh cages stand out for their robust construction and customisable features. These cages go beyond traditional storage solutions by enhancing safety, security, and organisation in industrial, commercial, and institutional environments.

Our versatile mesh storage solutions are ideal for a wide range of applications. Mesh cages provide secure yet visible storage options, making them suitable for warehouses, retail stores, and workshops where inventory needs to be easily accessed while remaining protected.

These sturdy cages can accommodate various items, from small tools and components to larger equipment or valuable merchandise.

Our steel mesh partitioning is an excellent choice for creating segregated areas within larger spaces, such as stockrooms, factories, or distribution centres. These partitions can delineate distinct zones for organisation, separate work areas for improved safety, or create secure enclosures for valuable or hazardous materials.

With their durability and customisable configurations, our mesh cages and partitions offer practical and cost-effective storage and space management solutions for businesses across multiple industries.

Whether you require office storage cupboards, steel cupboards with shelves, tool storage, museum storage, warehouse storage, desktop cabinet, tilt bins, a CNC tool holder, a work bench with storage, mobile shelving system, a portable toolbox, engineer cabinets, or workshop storage we can offer the optimum solution.

Secure your valuable assets and hazardous materials with Polstore’s robust security mesh cages. Designed for both outdoor use and indoor site storage, these durable cages offer a modular design allowing convenient forklift and pallet truck access.

Choose from a galvanized or powder coat finish in various colours to suit your premises and workplace products. Ideal for securing retail stock, gas bottles, oil drums, machinery, and general site equipment against theft or vandalism.

Pair with mesh partitioning for larger areas or opt for static or mobile cages tailored to your usage needs. Polstore’s security cages are visible, ventilated, and padlock-secured, ensuring compliance with safety regulations across the UK mainland. Request a quote for bespoke solutions – we accommodate purchase orders of all sizes.


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