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Blue drawer heavy duty storage cabinet

Workshop Storage Drawers

Polstore workshop storage cabinets and storage drawers are designed for heavy use in the most demanding environments.

Manufactured from high quality steel, our drawer cabinets and storage drawers are available in a wide range of sizes to suit all various domestic, commercial and industrial environments. This creates immediate and identifiable super high-density storage locations. Due to the modular design, a variety of drawer configurations can be achieved.

Storage Drawer Cabinet & Workshop Drawers

Our industrial workshop storage and drawer storage cabinets are ideal for small part storage, CNC tool storage, storage for heavy items, the storage of high value and fragile items with drawer load capacities up to 200kg. All drawer storage cabinets are painted with an inert (no off gas) environmental finish.

Standard workshop drawers cabinet housing dimensions range from 411mm-1431mm wide, 283mm-1450mm high with two depths of 572mm and 725mm. We also offer a bespoke manufacturing service for storage of over-sized objects.

Available in 6 standard colours: 5012 blue, RAL 7035 light grey or two tone RAL 7035 light grey housing with 4 colour options RAL 7016 dark grey, RAL 5005 dark blue, RAL 5012 blue and RAL 3003 Red – custom RAL colours also available.

All drawer cabinets and tool storage cupboards are covered by our 5-year warranty and as an added confidence boost all our drawer slides and guide rails are covered by a lifetime warranty.

Product Information

Put us to the test, put some weight on it.

No pop rivets or clip systems, which is why there is zero twist or distortion under load, ensuring smooth drawer movement, each and every time (4500kg SWL / cabinet). Use as a bench or machine stand freeing up valuable workshop space.

Built to last – two layer process.

Our environmentally friendly painting process ensures a high resistant coating – all metalwork is initially dipped and painted inside and out to eliminate corrosion. A second coat is applied colour choice dependent.


Key for durability and after all you want it to look good.

All products are supplied in a smooth semi-gloss paint finish. If you want to customise – go ahead, we can do what you want!

The one thing, you don’t want to fail

A strong steel vertical locking bar rotates to create a positive locking system. The anti-tilt mechanism ensures you can only open one drawer at a time. Supplied with two keys (Master key available). Upgrade to electronic locking.

It makes for quite a decision.

There is a multitude of sized Polstore cabinets 411 wide to 1431 mm wide with different heights 283 to 1625 mm high. The system is purposely designed to be modular so you can create any specification, allowing the tool cabinets to be re-configured at any time.

Super smooth action – more weight the better

Manufactured from steel the top of the drawer has a secondary fold to avoid sharp edges giving the drawer strength and stability.

The handle is anodised and can be removed if damaged avoiding full drawer replacement.

A neat labelling system is supplied comprising of a paper card insert and plastic cover strip.

There are 2 types of drawers – NORMAL = 90% extension with a max load per drawer of 100kg. FULL = 100% extension with a max load of 200kg per drawer.

Get creative, don’t overlook this. Start organising and get rid of the clutter.

The side walls of the drawers have location slots every 17mm allowing for the installation of a large range of drawer divider kits. The drawer base is perforated to enable partitions to be mechanically fixed stopping the migration of items and hand tools stored.


Personalise and upgrade – stand out from the crowd.

Two-way pallet bases allow you to move the cabinet with a pallet truck or forklift, at a moment’s notice. Base plinths for raising the cabinet from the floor, preventing damage, wear and flood risk.

Hinged lockable doors create a drawer/cupboard mix. 3 & 4-sided upstand and removable rubber mat – stopping items from rolling off and transforming the top of the cabinet into a work surface. Perforated panels and hook kits can be fixed to the back of the cabinet for hanging tools and other items.

Worktops can be supplied in several materials and finishes, turning your cabinet into a robust and useful workbench.

Polstore Storage Solutions offers a comprehensive range of workshop storage drawers meticulously designed for heavy-duty use in the most demanding industrial environments. From larger warehouses, to smaller workshop storage, we can help.

Crafted from high-quality steel, these durable drawers and tool chests are built to withstand rigorous use while providing secure and organised storage for tools and components.

Available in a variety of sizes, our workshop chest of drawers offer versatility to accommodate diverse storage requirements, ensuring that every item has its designated place.

With a focus on durability and practicality, our drawers are engineered to optimise workshop organisation, enhance productivity, and streamline workflow.

Whether for small components or larger tools, our workshop storage drawers are designed to deliver reliable and efficient storage solutions, meeting the unique needs of workshops and industrial facilities with precision and excellence.

Trust Polstore for workshop storage drawers that are built to endure and elevate your workspace efficiency.

All our drawer storage cabinets and mobile toolboxes from the FAMEPLA range receive a lifetime warranty subject to terms.


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Your storage challenge is unique and we treat it as such. We will work with you from the outset to develop your plans and create the perfect storage product solution for you.

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