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Picture Racking & Art Storage Rack

At Polstore Storage Systems, a leading provider of storage solutions in the UK, we offer a variety of picture racking and painting storage from static to pull out racks.

The safekeeping of artworks whilst in storage or on display is the priority of every art gallery, museum and historic collection.

Our range of picture racking and art storage solutions cater to the needs of art galleries, museums, and historic collections. From static racks to pull-out systems, our painting storage racks and art storage ensures the safekeeping of artworks during storage or display.

With a focus on preserving and organising valuable pieces, our picture racking and art storage options offer practical and reliable solutions for the art industry.

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We offer 5 picture rack and artwork storage solutions:

  • 1) static divider art racks
  • 2) pull-out picture racks floor mounted with overhead guide
  • 3) pull-out picture racks overhead supported with concealed floor guide
  • 4) mobile base mounted picture racks
  • 5) wall mounted mesh picture racks. These enable the storage of pictures, paintings, canvases, framed works and other ‘awkward’ media.

Product Information

As an artist or gallery owner, you know the importance of properly caring for and showcasing your precious artworks. That’s where Polstore Storage Systems comes in with our comprehensive range of art and painting storage solutions.

Whether you’re looking to neatly tuck away your canvases between exhibitions or create an impactful display of your latest creations, Polstore has got you covered. Our painting storage racks and art storage racks are designed to keep your artwork safe and accessible.

These sturdy, yet elegant systems allow you to store your paintings, drawings, and other artworks with the care they deserve. Adjust the shelves to accommodate pieces of various sizes, from small sketches to large-scale paintings. The pull-out art storage racks make it a breeze to retrieve exactly what you need, without having to rummage through piles.

But our art racking solutions aren’t just about storage – they’re also perfect for exhibiting your work. The picture racking systems enable you to artfully display your masterpieces, allowing visitors to fully appreciate the details and craftsmanship. Customise the layout to suit your space and create a visually stunning showcase for your artwork.

Whether you’re managing a gallery, running an art studio, or simply have a growing personal collection, Polstore’s art work racking and art work storage systems can help you keep your creations organised and protected.

Steel mobile picture racks can be either floor mounted or suspended from the ceiling using ‘overhead gear’. Regardless of how it is installed, the system moves with ease providing full access to all materials.

Racks are clad on both sides with heavy-duty mesh on which paintings and artefacts may be suspended in safety, avoiding contact with each other on retrieval. All materials are conservation grade.

The picture racks are constructed from heavy duty mesh panels using 3mm wire in 50 x 50 square sections. All frames are manufactured in 2 mm mild steel with the mesh welded inside the frame to avoid snagging.

Double or single sided frames are available whether mobile or wall mounted. All components are powder coated giving a hard wearing and conservation inert grade finish.

This is a practical, safe and highly cost-effective system with the advantage of extra visibility and accessibility. Lateral or pull-out display features allow you to design a system precisely suited to your space and usage requirements.

Due to its versatility our vertical picture racking is now being used for storing social history and weapon collections and items such as farm tools, swords, spears, stained glass and animal skins.

Our team of expert designers will consider the nature of the collection, the storage space available and the storage space required both currently and in the future.

Using 3D modelling, a bespoke system will be designed to match the solution to your exact storage requirement and expectation.

Should you require any other storage systems such as workshop cabinets, drawer storage, display cases, or plan chests, we can help here too. Get in touch with our experts today to discuss your design project.



Your storage challenge is unique and we treat it as such. We will work with you from the outset to develop your plans and create the perfect storage product solution for you.

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