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Roller Shutter Shadow Board Cabinets

One of our top sellers – our roller shutter perforated shadow board cabinet is not only an entry-level product but also completes complex tool room and workspace layout designs.

The cabinet housing is manufactured from steel with a lockable impact-resistant plastic roller door.

Roller Door Cupboards for Workshops

Polstore’s roller door cupboards are innovative storage solutions designed to optimise organisation and accessibility in the workplace. These cabinets feature roller shutter doors that provide a sleek and space-saving design, while the shadow board interior allows for efficient tool storage and visual management.

With a focus on practicality and durability, these cabinets are engineered to streamline operations and enhance workshop efficiency by ensuring that tools and equipment are securely stored and readily accessible.

Product Information

Internally a perforated panel is fitted to rear of unit with punched 10x10mm square holes at 38mm ctrs. These allow our hook and clip kit system to create well organised and visual layout for quick ID, storage and retrieval.

Our shadow board cabinet and cupboards can either be bench mounted or wall fixed and is supplied in two colours  – RAL 7035 light grey or RAL 5012 blue.

Our roller shutter cabinets and cupboards are designed to meet the storage needs of workshops, garages, and industrial and commercial environments. These versatile storage solutions offer secure and organised storage for tools, equipment, and supplies, while maximising space efficiency.

With durable construction and smooth roller shutter doors, our cabinets provide convenient access and protection for valuable items. Whether it’s for a busy workshop or a commercial setting, our roller shutter cabinets and cupboards offer a practical and reliable storage solution for various industrial and commercial applications.

Shadow Board Cabinets from Polstore Storage Systems are designed to revolutionise organisation and efficiency in the workplace.

These cabinets provide a dedicated space for tools and equipment, with a unique shadow board interior that offers a visual management system for quick and easy tool identification.

With a focus on maximising space and productivity, the cabinets feature customisable layouts to accommodate specific tool sets and storage requirements. The robust construction ensures durability in industrial settings, while the sleek design adds a professional touch to any workspace.

Whether for manufacturing facilities, workshops, or maintenance areas, shadow board cabinets from Polstore Storage Systems offer a comprehensive solution for streamlining tool storage and enhancing workplace safety.


Tool control shadow board perforated


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