Benelli Manzoni PMT800 Press System

Polstore products are designed and manufactured for heavy use. Drawers with heavy loads being constantly opened and closed throughout the working shift. So how do they survive? One of the main reasons is the Benelli PMT800 press – the heart and soul of the manufacturing process. A transfer system powered by a straightening line that allows the production the drawer carriages and guide rails.

These 3mm thick parts with sealed steel roller bearings allow our drawers to have a normal or full extension and up to a 200kg safe working load rating.

In this 800 tonne press, one of our nine 7000kg moulds is installed according to the type of carriage or guide.

The mould consists of 5 stations that are able to produce 10 pieces per minute in a completely automated way thanks to special jigs that transport the workpieces from one station to another.


The shearing station is the first to receive the raw sheet metal, which then precisely cuts the sheet before being passed onto the other stations.

In the subsequent moulding stations, the drawer carriage & guide rail don’t come to life until they reach the bending station giving them their final shape.

We are very fond of Benelli because it was one of the first machines to arrive at Famepla, Italy. On special transport from Florence, during the night in 2000, it arrived having covered almost 300km. Finally after 40 days of commissioning this machinery mammoth pressed into action.


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