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Anti Fatigue Flooring

Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats

At Polstore Storage Systems, a leading provider of storage solutions in the UK, we provide anti fatigue floor mats for workshops and workspaces.

Anti-fatigue floor matting helps reduce fatigue and increase productivity making them ideal for the workplace.

Whilst giving extra comfort for prolonged standing, they improve your health and safety standards with a yellow safety border creating individual working area zones.

The raised underside structure design allows for cable management. Easy to assemble with clip connectors.

Anti Fatigue Flooring for Work Areas & Workshop

Anti-fatigue flooring from Polstore is designed to enhance comfort and safety in work areas and workshops. The ergonomic design of the flooring helps reduce the strain on workers’ feet, legs, and back, providing a more comfortable standing environment.

With its durable construction and slip-resistant properties, this flooring solution offers an effective way to mitigate fatigue and improve productivity in industrial and commercial settings, creating a safer and more comfortable work environment for employees.

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Product Information

Create different design combinations with our 3 piece floor matting system.

Floor Mat: 800 wide x 400 deep x 25mm high – Anthracite Grey

Corner Piece: 120 wide x 120 deep x 25mm high – Yellow

Edging Piece: 400 wide x 120 deep x 25mm high – Yellow

Anti-fatigue matting is a type of cushioned flooring designed to reduce discomfort and fatigue caused by standing for long periods. It provides support and cushioning for the feet, legs, and back, helping to improve comfort and reduce the risk of musculoskeletal problems. Anti-fatigue mats are commonly used in workplaces where prolonged standing is required.

Enhance comfort and productivity in your workshop or commercial space with Polstore’s top-quality anti-fatigue mats. As a leading provider of innovative storage solutions, Polstore understands the importance of reducing physical strain during long hours of standing work.

Our anti-fatigue mats are designed to provide excellent cushioning, alleviating discomfort and fatigue from prolonged periods of standing on hard surfaces.

Constructed with durable materials and featuring a slip-resistant surface, these mats ensure a safe working environment while improving overall ergonomics. Whether you’re in a workshop setting, behind a computer cabinet, or in a warehouse, Polstore’s anti-fatigue mats offer superior support and shock absorption, reducing the impact on your joints and muscles.

Available in various sizes and styles, these mats can seamlessly integrate into any workspace, complementing your existing decor. With their easy-to-clean surface, maintaining a hygienic and professional environment is effortless. Our anti-fatigue solutions prioritise your comfort, safety, and productivity.

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