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Mobile Toolboxes & Tool Kits

Within the high pressure of the military arena mobility is key to success. This applies to storage and retrieval of tools and equipment. Our robust and durable mobile tool cabinets and toolboxes thrive in such an environment so much so that they now are NATO approved.

Due to the modular design a variety of configurations can be achieved. Our drawer cabinets are ideal for high density part storage, tool storage and the storage of high value and fragile items with drawer load capacities rated from 60 to 200kg.

For added security and structure enhancements, modifications include lock in / lock out drawers, external locking flap for added security, FOD recognition and design changes and external steel reinforcements.

Our internal drawer tray system can be specially designed to meet your exact storage requirement with the addition of asset and tool control routed foams, metal partitioning and plastic boxes.

All our military drawer cabinets and mobile toolboxes from the FAMEPLA range receive a lifetime warranty subject to terms.

Ideal for flight line toolboxes, weapon storage cabinets, aircraft maintenance tool kits, weapons maintenance boxes and maintenance toolboxes.

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