Polstore – Workshop, Workplace, Museum & Archive Storage Systems

Military Workbench & Workstation Systems

Polstore military workbenches and workstations are popular for a variety of applications due to their high durability, task-specific design and variety of modular accompanying options such as:

• Drawer cabinets
• Overhead cupboards
• Worktop finishes
• Lighting
• Perforated back panels
• ESD requirements

Our military benches can be built as static stand-alone units or made mobile with the addition of castor sets. Primarily designed for heavy-duty use with load capacities reaching 1500kg as standard, our workbench systems offer high flexibility in task-oriented work environments, whilst also exceeding the industry's most rigorous demands.

The design aspect of each workbench installation is crucial looking at the operative’s user patterns, work required, storage of kit parts and tools, visual aspect, space footprint and finally the aesthetics. From your first enquiry through your commitment to buy we aim to support and deliver a clean and succinct proposal assisting you with your justification and business case presentation.

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