5 Workshop Storage Ideas to Organise Your Space

Organised workshop storage idea

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Storage Ideas to Help Organise Your Workshop or Garage

Looking for workshop storage ideas? Whether your workshop is a place for creative projects or a space for DIY endeavours, keeping the space organised can be quite a challenge. 

Have you ever struggled to find your tools or locate essential items in the clutter? Do you dream of a well-organised workshop where everything has its place? 

In this article, we’ll explore five practical storage ideas to help bring order to your workshop, garage or shed.

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5 Workshop Storage Ideas

There are workshops and there are workshops. Some are cluttered with tools and materials scattered randomly, full of unnecessary items. 

Some are solace for spending hours tinkering and finding low-cost solutions to solve that complex problem. 

Some are clean and meticulously organised optimising an efficient workflow with a clean bench policy. Where on the spectrum are you?

If you are looking for some ideas to take your workshop organisation to the next level here are a few ideas to give you that motivation.

Here are 5 ways to organise your workshop like a pro:

1. Create Zones

Divide your workshop into different zones based on the type of work you do. This can include a cutting and welding area, assembly area, storage area, and tool area. 

Paint your floor or add floor tiles which can be colour-coded for different work zones.

Creating zones in workshop to organise space

2. Utilise Vertical Space

Make use of wall space by installing shelves, perforated panel boards, wall-mounted roller shutter cabinets and wall-mounted cabinets to store tools and materials. 

This helps free up floor space and keeps your workshop running efficiently.

Creating vertical space and cupboards to organise workshop

At Polstore Storage Systems, we offer a range of durable and high-quality workshop storage solutions. From heavy-duty cupboards and cabinets to workshop storage drawers.

3. Label and Categorise

Label storage bins, plastic containers, drawers, and shelves to easily locate tools, parts and

supplies. Categorise items based on their use or function to keep things organised. 

It will dramatically speed up your workflow and may save you from that unnecessary purchase.

4. Implement Tool Storage Solutions

Use tool chests, tool racks and cabinets, mobile tool boxes, and internal drawer dividers to keep your tools neatly stored and easily accessible. 

Consider using shadow board foam inserts or shadow hook perforated boards to keep tools in place. 

This can be subjective as you may prefer to see your tool inventory on display or closed away in drawers. Remember out of sight out of mind.

5. Maintain a Clean and Clutter-Free Workspace

Regularly clean your workshop and put tools and materials back in their designated places after use. 

This helps prevent clutter and makes finding what you need when working on projects easier. This takes some discipline and better use of time. 

Top Tip: Finish your work 10 minutes before closing and spend that time tidying. Why not form a new habit?

Benefits of Organising Your Workshop

Working in workshops involves various tasks and necessitates various tools, hand tools, and equipment. The key to optimal productivity and efficiency is maintaining organisation.

There are many benefits to organising your workshop including:

1. Enhanced Productivity

Organising a workshop helps streamline processes and reduces time spent searching for tools and materials, leading to increased output.

2. Efficient Use of Time

With everything in its place, you can focus on the task at hand without being distracted by disorganisation, ultimately saving time.

3. Reduced Clutter and Confusion

A well-organised workshop minimises the chances of misplacing tools or materials, reducing confusion and frustration.

4. Improved Safety

Organised workshops are safer as there is less risk of tripping over misplaced tools or clutter, and it’s easier to maintain a clean and hazard-free environment.

5. Easy Access to Tools and Equipment

A well-organised workshop allows for quick and easy access to the required tools and equipment, enabling seamless workflow and reducing downtime.

Roller shutters to hide tools in workshop

Workshop Storage Ideas From Polstore

By implementing these organisation tips, you can create a more efficient and productive workshop space. 

What is clear is a workshop is an expression of you or the culture of the company you work

for or own. There is no right or wrong, good or bad. 

The main thing is it brings out the skills, the love, the dedication and the desire to create, fix, renovate or produce.

If you need more specific advice on organising your workshop or would like to get a quote for any of our products, get in touch with our team.


How do I organise my work storage?

To organise your work storage, start by categorising items and assigning specific storage spaces for each category. Use labels and clear containers to easily identify contents. Maximise vertical space with shelves and pegboards. Regularly declutter to maintain an organised system, and consider investing in storage solutions tailored to your specific needs.

What are some small workshop storage ideas?

Small workshop storage ideas include wall-mounted pegboards for tool organisation, magnetic strips for holding metal tools, stackable storage bins for small parts, and portable tool chests with multiple drawers. Utilise overhead storage racks for infrequently used items and consider investing in compact shelving units to maximise floor space.

How do I organise my garage workshop?

To organise your garage workshop, start by decluttering and categorising tools and materials. Utilise wall-mounted storage solutions such as pegboards and shelves to free up floor space. Invest in durable storage cabinets and drawer units for larger tools and equipment. Regularly maintain the organisation system to ensure a tidy and efficient workspace.

How do you organise workshop drawers?

Organise workshop drawers by first decluttering and sorting items into categories. Use drawer dividers or small containers to keep similar items together and prevent them from shifting. Label each section for easy identification. Consider using foam inserts to create custom slots for tools and ensure they stay in place. Regularly review and rearrange items as needed.

What is the purpose of storage area in a workshop?

The storage area in a workshop serves multiple purposes. It provides a designated space to store tools, equipment, and materials, keeping them organised and easily accessible. It also helps maintain a safe and clutter-free work environment, facilitates efficient workflow, and contributes to overall productivity by ensuring that everything has its place.

Small and Large Workshop Storage Ideas


Your storage challenge is unique and we treat it as such. We will work with you from the outset to develop your plans and create the perfect storage product solution for you.

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