Upgrade your Polstore cabinet or cupboard with our new eLOQ smart key solution. One single electronic key can open up to 3000 padlocks, cylinders and camlocks.

eLOQ is an intelligent smart key and access control system which has been designed to offer a greater degree of flexibility and auditability not otherwise possible with traditional access solutions.

Although eLOQ locks are electronic, they contain no batteries and do not need wiring. With a wide range of easily retro-fittable cylinders and padlocks available, introducing eLOQ means you can implement incredibly flexible levels of remote access control to your institution.

With a collection of advance features such as audit trails of key usage, disable lost keys, electronic re-keying and scheduling, eLOQ embraces modern technologies and innovations to bring a unique control for the protection of goods and assets.

The eLOQ access control system operates in much the same way as a traditional lock and key set up, but with the ability to personalise unique time and date restrictions for each user. This means you can have complete control with locks that can be accessed with the simple to use cloud based software.

eLOQ offers the following features:

* Complete range of locks from euro to padlocks, camlock to server rack locks
* Communicates with the software via a bespoke programme designed in-house
* Software has an extended SSL certificate
* Cloud based software
* Hosted by Microsoft Azure
* Triple redundancy feature on the cloud
* All data is encrypted with our bespoke algorithm
* 4.2 billion systems codes
* Password minimum complexity for logging in
* 64000 locks per system code
* Key holds 3000 audit events which shows time, date & location
* Key holds 3000 location permissions
* Key battery has roughly 20000 operations
* Keys are re-programmable in house
* Bluetooth key for use with mobile app
* No mechanical cuts on the key
* No power required in the locks
* 200 different time profiles with 12 segments per profile
* Very flexible & easy to use
* Easily retro fitted

A typical system will require the following

* 1No eLOQ cam lock + conversion bracket
* 1No Admin key
* 1No User key
* 1No PC encoder
* 1No Cloud annual subscription

The system can be integrated throughout your organisation. Locking options include cylinder locks, key switches, server handles, padlocks, door handles and key hider tubes.
For easy key updates wall readers are available.

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