Workshop & Stores Storage Solution for a Military Client

Successfully installing the first workshop and store fit out of 2021 always sets Polstore on the right path for what will be another challenging year.

This workshop & stores storage solution is for a military client who was looking to increase storage capacity, achieve quicker pick rate and retrieval times, reduce issue error, ensure every item has a location and upgrade to a system which could withstand heavy use. All these criteria were established prior to survey which then influences Polstore’s design team to suggest the exact a modular storage solution to achieve those criteria.

The mobile shelving system was manufactured as 2 parts 1) the mobile bases or chassis, manually operated with a hand wheel, move horizontally on top of a false aluminium chequer plate floor which eliminates aisle spaces down to 1. This is a clear winner over a static shelving layout as it can reduce space required by up to 80% or increase capacity by 80%. Fixed onto the chassis, the premium universal shelving system incorporates both adjustable shelving and pull out drawers with 200kg SWL per level. The Green and Black paint finish matching the squadrons colours!

Around the perimeter of the stores Polstore fitted a U shaped workbench system which serves as an inspection and kitting area, maintenance area and serving position for booking and issuing equipment. The worksurface is a heavy duty wooden multiplex surface and as an addition a roller shutter tool cabinet has been  arranged as a visual tool shadow board. Underneath the Polstore U workbench, heavy duty steel drawer cabinets and cupboards of varying widths and drawer configurations have been carefully selected to house the correct equipment based on size.

Green and black workbench with wooden counter top
Green and black mobile cabinets with shelves

As we say at Polstore ‘it’s not  just a cabinet’

The next stage for the client is to configure all the internals with partitioning material and tool & asset foam inserts. The modular storage system will be fully operational in a matter of weeks and as with all Polstore’s products, not only is there a 5-year warranty cover, one receives the reassurance of a lifetime warranty on all drawer guides/carriages.

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