Storage Units, Portable Containers and Toolboxes for USAF

Like all storage units, toolboxes come in different shapes and sizes. For our client USAF, this toolbox was on a different scale altogether! Polstore were commissioned to fit out two ISU air portable containers. Not our usual type of space to fit out, but we created an exceptional storage solution none-the-less.

The container included an array of Polstore products: pull out drawers for tools, liquids storage cabinet, laptop storage, electrical trunking and overhead storage lockers. There was some bespoke metal work required and ingenious fixing ideas to overcome the sloped roof! The finished look was matched to the two support squadron colours.


USAF ISU Toolbox
USAF ISU toolbox

For our client, this means that the complete tool and maintenance inventory can now be loaded onto the aircraft and flown to its new working location.


Your storage challenge is unique and we treat it as such. We will work with you from the outset to develop your plans and create the perfect storage product solution for you.

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