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Certain clients require precise storage solutions. Not only to fit into their workshop facility but also into their company culture and overall aesthetic. A key element is to understand the requirement and work pattern within an area and with the input from site engineers and advice from the Polstore Project Manager expert storage solutions are integrated into the workspace.

Polstore can offer a variety of storage solutions to accommodate this diverse requirement. The machining centres require CNC tool storage cupboards, inspection areas require benching and drawer cabinets, assembly areas are fitted with heavy duty drawer systems and roller shutter door shelving and now a new 3D printing room fitted out with a multi-level benching arrangement.

Where our workshop storage product range excels is the drawer storage cabinet design. A wide inventory of heavy fixings and consumables was previously stored in plastic and metal stacking containers.

The issue here is, like shelving, how much wasted space there is above the contents being stored up to the top of the container or shelf.

They are also open to the surrounding dust and dirt particles in the air which over time tarnishes the new consumables especially if it's a slow moving item. We recommend moving these items into pull out drawers.

Our drawer system, due to the 3mm steel carriages and guides, each have a 200kg load capacity.

The drawer is divided up into individual locations, each location is stock filled reducing wasted space and labelled thus giving the user excellent presentation. As the drawers glide in and out the operatives experience is second to none.

As always with Polstore's professional service we offer a free no obligation site survey followed up with a detailed proposal and necessary drawings.

Please contact us on 0800 008 6861 or enquiries@polstore.co.uk for any requirements you may have.

We listen with some amusement when our tool storage drawer cabinets are compared with other 'heavy duty' drawer cabinet systems on the market, especially during price sensitive tenders.
However when you look a little closer, the drawer cabinet system we are being compared with is only offering a 75 KG weight limit per drawer with an 80% extension, which is not the same thing entirely.

At Polstore all of our standard drawer cabinets are rated at 200 KG per drawer, with full extension and we openly encourage people to load our drawers up, as they still glide perfectly, regardless of weight within them.

We are able to do this, because we have refused to compromise on the quality of our drawer carriages. Manufactured from 3mm thick mild steel using our in-house 800 tonne Benelli press, fitted with a 700kg press tool, the fully automated production process ensures a consistent quality product, every time.

The drawer that fits within the carriage is also welded together and not riveted like many other 'heavy duty' cabinets.
It is attention to detail such as this, which is why we are the choice of 'the heavy user of equipment' and allows us to offer a lifetime guarantee on all our drawer slides and guide rails.

Which brings me on to our next bug bear, why would you only want a drawer to open 80%, surely this effectively makes a fifth of the drawer unusable, which not only reduces its capacity, but wastes workshop space, as you still have to find somewhere within the cabinet to store this empty space, thus increasing its depth. Our 100% extension drawer carriages give unhindered access to the entire drawers contents, why would you accept anything else?

So next time you are upgrading or expanding your workshop, talk to us!

Contact us on 0800 008 6861 or enquiries@polstore.co.uk

In my book, there's 'industrial use and then there's 'heavy industrial use'. Which is where we set the bar for our equipment and installations.
Most of our equipment, will never see its full potential in terms of heavy use, but that doesn't mean that we lower this bar.
Because all of our equipment is engineered around harsh, 24 hour, heavy engineering or military workshops, where failure of equipment means huge costs in terms of lost production.

The above project for a large vehicle engine manufacturer was no exception. To build a new tool room within its existing location, for 24 hour heavy industrial use.

As with most projects, this began with a client meeting, where we first established 'the need' and what is important to them.
Once we had this, we were then able to complete a detailed site survey, closely looking at the area and what the client would like to achieve from the project, as well as listening to the client on lessons they learnt from their previous set up.
It is these details that separates a good project from a truly great project.

Once we have all of this information, a detailed proposal and drawings were then completed, for the clients approval and comments.
This then followed a design process, with further input from the end users and only when the client was 100% happy, did we proceed to manufacture.

With this project we had the luxury of a factory shut down for installation, but this is not normally the case.
More often than not, we have to work around a busy tool room, fitting our installation around the day to day operation of the facility.
This is never an issue for us and by working with the client, we can complete the project with the minimum of disruption to them.

We are excited to announce that with significant investment we now have the capability to design and manufacture asset control foams here at our Guildford facility.

Using the latest CAD/CAM software and our new Trend CNC 3-axis machine we can design and manufacture bespoke plastazote foam inlays complimenting our storage solution range. They are ideal for control of tools, fixtures and artefacts; however the uses are endless.

Our foams are manufactured using different grades of plastazote which is a man-made polyethylene foam. It is chemically inert, flexible, oil proof, waterproof, non-toxic and odourless. We offer it in different colours, thicknesses and designs depending on your application.


Where asset management and visual audit is a key requirement for your operation, custom foam inlays are one of the best ways to go.

The process is simple following a few rules - first data capture, then profiling, designing the layout, request for sign off and finally the magic - creating the foam.

We are able to visit and survey removing the inconvenience of taking items 'off-site' or with simple training you can carry out the data capture yourself - especially useful for the handling of sensitive objects.


We are all about project work. Now you've protected your asset, you need to protect your foam. We have plenty of options including protective cases, container trays and tool cabinets completing your storage solution.

A good example is where we solved a clients dilemma, which was goods being damaged during airfreight shipment. By securing multiple levels of foams in custom aluminium trays housed in protective cases we provided the ultimate security for their control of critical assets.This allowed complete kits to be transported safely and securely in a single transit case.


If you would like to discuss your asset control requirements or would like more information, please give us a call on: 0800 008 6861 or send us an email at enquiries@polstore.co.uk

Buying into our product range attracts the type of client who has a passion for precise engineering design, who embraces detail, understands true quality and cares for that purchase decision.
We understand you must make the right choice. Justification is key.

We champion workshop storage solutions in heavy use environments - it creates efficiency, reduces waste, lowers costs, improves attitude and motivates people within the workplace.
Our passion for sustainable design and manufacture filters through to all our product ranges.

Polstore Storage Systems are proud to be the exclusive reseller of FAMEPLA workshop storage systems for UK & Ireland.

As a team our mission is to supply a consistent high-end storage product ensuring the client experiences an exceptional level of service.

FAMEPLA, located in North East Italy, are leaders in the manufacture of workshop storage equipment and industrial furniture.

The Polstore team is as passionate and committed about our solutions, as you are about your own workspace.

Our experienced project sales team can offer advice, visit and work with you from concept design through to installation.
We are 100% confident we can exceed expectations and we will not walk away until we have.

It couldn't be easier to purchase from us.
Visit our online store at www.polstore.co.uk or get in touch with our Customer Service Team to discuss your project requirements on 0800 008 6861.