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Tool Control Routed Foams

Routed foam shadow boards are a storage solution which instantly alerts the user if an item is missing through a very simple visual cue. It also has the capacity to safely store an item within a secure defined aperture.

The system was originally devised to meet the safety requirements of the aerospace industry - ensuring that tools used in the construction and maintenance of aircraft are never misplaced and instantly located. However the benefits it offers in asset security and cost savings mean that it is being widely adopted in other market sectors.

All foams we supply our inert (no off gassing), chemically resistant and hard wearing.

A couple of ways we can get you started...

To create your foam control system we can start with a confidential audit on your site. This establishes precisely which items are needed for your requirements, no more and no less. Each tool board system is manufactured from durable plastazote foam and is created to the exact dimensions of your unique layout. There is a cost involved for this audit process.

However there is a simple to use system where the items may be scanned by yourself directly, with minimal training, using a standard mobile phone camera, grid paper & sent to ourselves by email. We then use our unique software to layout your foam accurately to your requirements & return the drawings to yourself for approval. Once approved the foam is cut quickly & accurately, for prompt delivery to yourself. Any number of items can be incorporated in a single foam, cut to different depths to suit the exact profile of the asset. If you require a free scanning pack, with instruction manual, please contact us for more information.

Ideal for storing tools, fixtures, museum artefacts and high value items.