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October 2019

Passion Fact #8 - Only Buy This Product Once

When you buy a Polstore cabinet we are so confident in the quality and build that we can say "you will only need to buy this product once".

Most consumer products are built to break: wasting time, money and resources.
With our throwaway culture being the norm we want to break this mentality and bring back the 'built to last' attitude.

Polstore is a company that cares about you (the customer) and the environment. We want you to have the best experience and buy a sustainable long-lasting product. You might think we are mad to say only buy once but quality over quantity is what matters and Polstore cabinets are still in use over 40+ years later.

When it comes to cost we are firm believers in avoiding the “penny wise and pound foolish” - Careful with the pennies and frivolous with the pounds.
We want you to spend the pounds wisely and understand that buying Polstore is an investment that will save you money long-term.

If a product is going to last for years to come then it is worth the money, meaning in the long run you are actually saving money (pounds instead of pennies) because you don’t need to replace the product.

Polstore offers a Lifetime Guarantee on all Famepla guide rails and carriages, meaning your product will last even longer!

Wixroyd Workshop Storage Solutions

One of the problems we needed to solve was to create a workspace enabling Wixroyd to assemble, test and inspect customer special components.

Following on from a site survey our design team decided to create 3 specific work areas within allocated room space.

The first workshop area was for assembly consisting of 2 main U-shaped workstation bays for building Zodiac gearboxes along with heavier duty assemblies. The idea is that the assembly items are taken from stock and a person then goes to the allocated workbench to do the assembly operations. A neat upgrade to the work surfaces was an inset flush stainless-steel plate for heavy traffic areas.

Next the inspection area was for in-house manufactured parts, so they could be accurately measured and recorded prior to despatch. The main obstacle being the lack of space within the workshop for the four workstations was overcome by modifying standard bench units to bespoke sizes thus providing a cost-effective workshop storage solution.

The final issue was to incorporate a designated area for the testing of curved rails whilst being mindful of access to the built-in storage cupboards. A test workbench was positioned in one corner with inbuilt tool shadow board with lighting and a drawer storage cabinet for tools and fixtures to complete the flexible and organised workspace.