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Certain clients require precise storage solutions. Not only to fit into their workshop facility but also into their company culture and overall aesthetic.
A key element is to understand the requirement and work pattern within an area and with the input from site engineers and advice from the Polstore Project Manager expert storage solutions are integrated into the workspace.

Located in Burgess Hill, Edwards, a leading developer and manufacturer of vacuum products, has been purchasing Polstore workshop storage equipment for many years. Within their Global Technology Centre there are a number of workspaces each with different disciplines.

Polstore can offer a variety of storage solutions to accommodate this diverse requirement. The machining centres require CNC tool storage cupboards, inspection areas require benching and drawer cabinets, assembly areas are fitted with heavy duty drawer systems and roller shutter door shelving and now a new 3D printing room fitted out with a multi-level benching arrangement.

Where our workshop storage product range excels is the drawer storage cabinet design. A wide inventory of heavy fixings and consumables was previously stored in plastic and metal stacking containers. The issue here is, like shelving, how much wasted space there is above the contents being stored up to the top of the container or shelf.

They are also open to the surrounding ducts and dirt particles in the air which over time tarnishes the new consumables especially if a slow moving item. We recommend moving these items into pull out drawers. Our drawer system, due to the 3mm steel carriages and guides, each have a 200kg load capacity.

The drawer is divided up into individual locations, each location is stock filled reducing wasted space and labelled thus giving the user excellent presentation. As the drawers glide in and out the operatives experience is second to none.

As always with Polstore’s professional service we offer a free no obligation site survey followed up with a detailed proposal and necessary drawings.
Please contact us on 0800 008 6861 or enquiries@polstore.co.uk for any requirements you may have.

If you’re looking to safely move your heavy cnc tooling around the workshop, in between production cells or from a pre-set area to machine we have a simple, low cost and effective storage solution - the cnc tool trolley.

The cnc tool trolley is an integral part of our NC Storage and Transport System. There are a number of options depending on the quantity of tools to be stored.
We offer 2 size options with different load capacities – 300kg, 400kg or 800kg safe working load (SWL).

The entry level trolley 765 wide x 508 deep x 880 mm high covering 300-400kg SWL arrives flat packed with instructions and requires a 45min assembly.
The main trolley housing made from steel includes a useful side shelf with rubber mat, push pull handle and 2 swivel braked/ 2 fixed castors (100mm = 300kg SWL or 150mm = 400kg).

The trolley sides are slotted in 25mm increments so fitting the tool frame and tool cradles to suit the tool size & capacity is simple and adjustable.
The tool frame bolts to the top of the trolley frame and the tool cradles locate into the angle or horizontal supports – these are adjustable, tool size dependent.
To make life easier you can purchase standard set ups – CLICK LINK TO S&T SITE

If you require a higher load capacity and a substantial increase in tool storage capacity, our larger model is ideal.
The trolley sides and base are welded giving it a massive 800kg SWL. Overall size is 1080 wide x 692 deep x 970mm high which includes 200mm diameter rubber castors.
Again, the same frame and tool cradle system applies except the tool frame is 4 rows rather than 3 rows.

As with all Polstore storage solutions it’s all about maximising the density of tool storage.
The design of our tool holders allows you to create rows of tools minimising the gap in between each tool.
The tool holder is secured to the frame / cradle with a bolt and threaded plate.

For example, our 30-10100 entry level tool trolley has a maximum tool storage capacity of:

35 no. ISO/BT/SK 50 tools
56 no. HSK 63 tools
56 no. ISO/BT/SK 40 tools
49 no. CAPTO C6 tools

And the 30-10400 tool trolley has a maximum tool storage capacity of:

50 no. ISO/BT/SK 50 tools
60 no. HSK 63 tools
80 no. ISO/BT/SK 40 tools
70 no. CAPTO C6 tools

Other cnc tool trolley accessories include adjustable shelves, document holders, protection bars and vertical tool storage supports.

Polstore supply tool holders to store: ISO/BT/SK/HSK/CAPTO/VDI/DIY blank plates

The Polstore tool storage shadow board is widely used for the organisation of hand and power tools. This example has been used by a vespa restoration enthusiast in his home garage environment. Every tool has its place! Quick storage and retreival, easy identification, care for tools and a clean smart workplace. The tool storage cabinet is made from steel and painted inside and out to avoid corrosion. Internally is fitted a perforated tool panel to hang tools and other objects - the punched square holes are industry standard 10x10mm 38mm centres so accommodate not only our hook & bracket range but other ranges like Sealey hooks. To finish of the unit a roller shutter door with lock closes the system aways from dust, dirt and grime.
The Polstore tool shadow board system can be bench or wall mounted (additional brackets required). The tool cabinet has various sizes with a depth of 210mm and 2 heights of 810 & 1114 mm and with widths of 952 & 1419mm.

Invest in your company’s future growth with a Polstore Storage Solution – designed to create space, increase output, focus the workforce and organise your workspace. We would like to have the opportunity to explain how when you visit us at MACH 2018 Stand H20-172.

Polstore Storage Systems has been working in the manufacturing sector for over for over 50 years - so we hope a name remembered when looking to re-organise your workspace. We strive to be the best on service, design, quality of products and project finishing. Supported by Italian manufacturer FAMEPLA and UK sub contractors we offer a full range of storage solutions.

Where we excel is the installation and fit out of industrial workshops and work areas for aerospace, automotive, military and education sectors. As part of the service we visit you and design to your exact requirement. Our quotations are supplied with visuals assisting in the justification process. Once signed off manufacture process can take up to 6-8 weeks depending on the complexity and scope of the project.

For a quick solution last year we launched a standard range of storage products on offer throughout the year with end user and reseller discounts - tool storage cabinets, tool storage mobile cabinets, cnc tool storage cupboards, industrial workbenches, cnc tool trolleys, anti fatigue floor matting and plastic tilt bin storage. We stock these products in the UK or offer a 3-4 week general lead time.

We are always trying to push the bar with product innovation. Access control systems being a major R&D investment - improving tool control and traceability techniques with routed tool foams, tool shadow boards and electronic locking solutions. Our stand will be demonstrating the latest in electronic key and software solutions integrated into our standard tool and consumable cabinet range.

Visit us at Mach 2018 Stand H20-172 NEC Birmingham.

When looking to upgrade your maintenance workshop or garage its definitively worth looking at this project as an example. Its simple, cost effective and produces great results in organisation, aesthetics and storage capacity. This is the way we like a Polstore Fit to run. The equipment is manufactured and assembled in 5 weeks with the installation date booked in the 6th week. Our fitters arrive with the equipment with no third party invlovement - no risk of damage, on time (not too early, not too late) and our client kept informed. The client had no fork lift so the truck has a tail lift, making off load safe and efficient. All the equipment is well wrapped and palletised anyway but we manage all that including removal of all packaging and waste once we are done.

The Polstore maintenance workbench needed to be fitted in between the 2 walls with drawer storage cabinets underneath. We specified a galvanised steel work surface 40mm which will eventually accommodate a mechanics vice. Hard wearing and robust. The cabinets are positioned underneath and fixed using M10 fixings and inserts. The overall weight of the bench is heavy duty and industrial. The drawer cabinets are from our standard range with 100% extension drawer 200kg rating per drawer. We also added in anti slip foam inlays to each drawer giving protection to tools and items stored within. The work surface is cut to size mm and jointed!

The Polstore Storage Cupboards along the wall are 2000mm high - due the the 1st floor construction the client had already made good the electrics, self leveled the floor and cleared over head services. So when we arrived all was clear and ready to go - this is a major help for us when the client is prepared and speeds up the installation process. Now because of the new floor and space restriction we are concerned about damaging it. The Polstore way is to bring blankets - we place these under the units and then slide the storage cupboards into position. No floor damage! All units are then leveled and locking mechanisms checked.

So a job like this took a team of 2 operatives 4 hours - we get some help with the tools we use - another part of our business is selling tools, fixings and supplies. So we like to use FESTOOL where we can. Making those cuts and carpentry work very efficient on site.