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A2 A1 A0 AQ Plan Chest Drawer Cabinet | Large Format Plan Chests

Polstore Plan Chests provide an ideal and secure environment for the storage of large format media such as maps, plans, architectural drawings and prints. Our plan chest drawerr cabinet range is manufactured from high quality steel making them robust and guaranteeing you longterm investment. We use heavy duty roller bearing slides which produces quiet and low-friction movements even when fully loaded with a load bearing of 50kg per drawer and a 80% or 100% externsion. A rear curl can be specified on drawers to prevent damage to items stored.

All museum and archive grade plan chests are specified with a centralised anti tilt locking system - this ensures a safe operation with single drawer opening preventing all drawers being opened at the same time and toppling forward onto the user.

There is a choice of angled fronts or flat fronts with chrome handles with a neat drawer front labeling system for quick identification and retrieval.

All Polstore plan chests are powder coated to conservation and museum grade standard - plan chests can be ordered to any RAL colour.

Plan chests are available in a number of drawer options. Ranging from 5-15 drawers in a single unit made up from 60, 75 & 100mm drawer front heights as standard depending on plan chest cabinet range. We offer as standard:

Nevis Plan Chest Range 60 & 75 mm drawers 50kg per drawer

A2 plan chests 720 wide x 500 deep (mm)
A1 plan chests 873 wide x 635 deep (mm)
AO plan chests 1330 wide x 920 deep (mm)
AQ plan chests 1500 wide x1050 deep (mm)

GULVAIN Oversized Plan Chest Range - 100mm drawer front 75kg per drawer

1500W - 1500 wide x 1500 deep (mm)
1500W - 1500 wide x 1750 deep (mm)
1500W - 1500 wide x 2000 deep (mm)

1750W - 1750 wide x 1500 deep (mm)
1750W - 1750 wide x 1750 deep (mm)
1750W - 1750 wide x 2000 deep (mm)

2000W - 2000 wide x 1500 deep (mm)
2000W - 2000 wide x 1750 deep (mm)
2000W - 2000 wide x 2000 deep (mm)

2250W - 2250 wide x 1500 deep (mm)
2250W - 2250 wide x 1750 deep (mm)
2250W - 2250 wide x 2000 deep (mm)

Looking for a custom option? Please contact us 0800 008 6861 and we would be happy to design and quote to your exact requirement.

A cost effective increase in storage capacity can be achieved by mounting on top of the base unit, an extension plan chest without having to purchase an additional plinth and top.

Height choices are important as the user does not want to over stretch or be unable to see or handle safely the contents inside the drawer. We suggest a maximum height of 1450mm for any drawer system. To not waste precious storage space above the plan chest, we offer a shelving system and display cases either to fit on top of the plan chest or built over the top of the plan chest. The adjustable shelving system can then be used for large format items or storage rolls.

CLICK HERE to download our Nevis Plan Chest Drawer Cabinet Range A2 A1 AO AQ
CLICK HERE to download our Gulvain Large Format Storage Range