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Workshop Drawer Cabinets

Workshop Drawer Cabinets are made with high density quality steel available in a wide range to suit all various domestic, commercial and industrial environments which allows the user to create immediate and identifiable storage locations.

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Due to the modular design a variety of configurations can be achieved. Our drawer cabinets are ideal for high density part storage, tool storage and the storage of high value and fragile items with drawer load capacities rated from 60 to 200kg.

Standard drawer cabinet housing dimensions range from 411mm-1431mm wide, 283mm- 1450mm high with two depths of 572mm and 725mm. We also offer a bespoke manufacturing service.

Available in 4 standard colours: 5012 blue, 9010 white, 6011 green and 7035 light grey - custom RAL colours also available.

Standard drawer cabinet sizes are as follows:

Workshop Drawer Cabinets 572mm deep (front to back)

Workshop Drawer Cabinets 725mm deep (front to back)

Workshop Drawer Cabinet - Housing
The sides and bases of the drawer cabinet housing are welded and painted with high resistance products. These are inert and environmentally friendly. Available in different widths and heights with their internal sides slotted in increments of 25mm to allow drawers and shelves to be adjusted accordingly.
Further accessories include safety upstands with raised sides, work surfaces, base plinths and fork-lift pallet bases for easy transportation.

Workshop Drawer Cabinet - Drawers
The drawers fitted into our drawer cabinets are available in 2 versions (simple 85-90% extension and total 100% extension) with an excellent flow and slide system, utilising sealed steel roller bearings and drawer carriages painted using a cataphoresis system.
The drawers are manufactured ensuring geometric custom sub-division using partitioning materials: slotted dividers, plastic boxes, troughs, foams etc.

Workshop Drawer Cabinet - Convert to mobile
2 fixed & 2 swivel braked castors, a 4-sided safety upstand with a rubber mat can be added to the cabinet housing converting a static drawer cabinet to a mobile roller cabinet.

Workshop Drawer Cabinet - Centralised lock
A centralised locking system is included, consisting of a cylinder lock and 2 keys - a master key system is available.

Workshop Drawer Cabinet - Single drawer opening system
Fitted to all drawer cabinets. This anti-tilt mechanism allows the opening of only one drawer at any one time. Thus avoiding the weight of the material in opened drawers tipping the cabinet housing over onto the user.

Workshop Drawer Cabinet - Drawer front aluminium profiles
The anodised alluminium profiles allows the insertion of a paper label and clear cellophane cover increasing one's organisation and ensuring quick identification of drawer contents. The profile can be easily removed in case of damage, therefore negating the need for full drawer replacement.

Workshop Drawer Cabinet - Individual drawer locking system
Primarily used on mobile and roller drawer cabinets. This device is made of a durable plastic catch that allows to lock/unlock an individual drawer within a complete drawer unit. This is Ideal for cabinets fitted into race trucks and transporters as an extra safety mechanism.

With the use of drawer divider kits, drawer locations can be infinitely separated and identified with a range of partitioning material.

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All products come with a 5-year warranty – however we have cabinets in service for over 40 years - proven!