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eLOQ Storage Solutions

eLOQ is an intelligent smart key and access control system which has been designed to offer not only high security, but also offers a greater degree of flexibility and auditability not otherwise possible with traditional access solutions.
Although eLOQ locks are electronic, they contain no batteries and do not require wiring. With a wide range of easily retro-fittable cylinders and padlocks available, introducing eLOQ means you can implement incredibly flexible levels of remote access control to your organisation.
With a collection of advance features such as; audit trails of key usage, the ability to disable lost keys and electronic rekeying and scheduling, eLOQ embraces modern technologies and innovations to bring a unique control for the protection of goods and assets.
The eLOQ Access Control System operates in much the same way as a traditional lock & key set-up, but with the ability to personalise unique time and date restrictions for each user. This means you have complete control over which locks can be accessed and when.

eLOQ access systems are made up of four central elements that can be customised in a way that suits your organisation best.