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With over 50 years of experience supplying educational storage solutions here at Polstore, we’ve been able to refine our selection of storage to match the needs of schools, colleges, and universities across the UK.

You can find details about each of our educational storage systems below, and our dedicated team is always happy to offer advice and support. Feel free to get in touch if you want to learn more about what we have to offer.

With more and more students bringing laptops, phones, and other expensive devices to school and university, security is a priority for educational establishments across the UK. Our lockers and compartment lockers offer the perfect solution to this problem.

We offer a full complement of workbenches and workstations. With options including drawer cabinets, hexagonal benches, cupboards, shelves, and tool shadow boards, you can provide all of the storage your students need while they’re working.

Finding an affordable way to store all of the resources your classroom needs can be a challenge, especially with subjects like art and carpentry. Our stacking containers and unibox plastic tilt bins offer a convenient storage solution with easy access, without costing a small fortune.

Our static shelving units provide excellent educational storage systems, giving you the flexibility to configure your shelves and shelving systems to meet your needs, while also keeping all of the items you want to store securely in place.

We offer storage cabinets and cupboards which can fit into a huge variety of spaces. Corner units, modular systems, and adjustable shelves all make it easier to keep your classroom under control, making sure your furniture meets your spacing needs.

Like our storage cabinets, drawer storage cabinets offer a huge amount of flexibility. Alongside this, they also keep your classroom resources organised and are hard-wearing enough to deal with the rigorous work of your students.

Keeping documents safe and secure can be a challenge. Drawer plan chests solve this problem, and we offer these chests in A2, A1, A0, AQ and bespoke sizes, making it easier than ever to maintain your students’ hard work.

Schools and universities are dynamic environments, and this means that you need your resources to keep up with the pace. Mobile shelving and roller racking makes this possible, giving you the ability to either create space or reduce the storage capacity by up to 80%.

Some art works are simply too important to put at risk. Pull out and wall mounted static racks can keep even the most sensitive artwork and other assets safe in a high density storage environment.

Ideal for viewing assets and archive gallery storage for the facilities museum and gallery.

Some of the items you will need to store at your school or university will simply be too large or heavy for most shelving or drawer units. Our longspan and pallet racking solutions provide you with ample room for large objects, while keeping those using them safe.

Get in contact if you’re ready to discuss your storage needs or have any questions for us; we’re always happy to help.