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Energus: Education Hexagonal Workbenches

Based in Cumbria, ENERGUS is the Northwest flagship centre of the National Skills Academy for Nuclear Energy. Officially opened on June 19th 2009 ENERGUS is a world class centre for the provision of vocational skills excellence, spanning both further and higher education for the nuclear industry. The £20 million project has become a beacon of excellence with the Energy Coast initiative.

Working alongside a leading CNC machine tool manufacturer, Polstore Storage Systems, experienced in the design, supply and installation of education storage solutions, were selected to offer a series of specifically designed hexagonal workstations and workbenches which would assist shop floor vocational training.
Each education hexagonal workbench, 11 in total, was made up of six FAMEPLA drawer cabinets, a hexagonal hard-coated grey laminate worktop and a 6-spoke aluminium gantry, suspending batten luminaires.  The 6-sided centre power tower enabled each station to have a compressed air source and isolated light on/off switch. 5 inch swivel base record vices were fixed to each student position with underside vice plates. The workstation design enabled each bench to create 6 individual student locations.
Now with secure, well ordered storage of tools and spares parts, Energus can focus on their main aim - training and educating young people, reskilling workforce and helping local business grow and prosper.