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Buying into our product range attracts the type of client who has a passion for precise engineering design, who embraces detail, understands true quality and cares for that purchase decision.
We understand you must make the right choice. Justification is key.

We champion workshop storage solutions in heavy use environments - it creates efficiency, reduces waste, lowers costs, improves attitude and motivates people within the workplace.
Our passion for sustainable design and manufacture filters through to all our product ranges.


Polstore's NEW eXPress magazine is OUT NOW!

The magazine details a product selection from our range including our NEW combination products, drawer cabinets, workbenches, perforated panelling system, anti-fatigue matting, roller shutter cabinets, computer cabinets, machine cabinets, cnc storage and transport systems, cupboards and unibox plastic tilt bin systems.

Why We Do It Better?

Our drawer cabinets are tough and robust, even after 40 years of heavy use they are still in service.

Welded Construction
Put us to the test, put some weight in it
No pop rivets or clip systems, which is why there is zero twist or distorsion under load, ensuring smooth drawer movement, each and every time (4500 kg SWL/cabinet).
Use as a bench or machine stand freeing up valuable workshop space.


As technology advances so do operational requirements. Polstore have been successfully working with various worldwide military services creating new products and installing specific military storage solutions.

Our aim is to create efficiency, reduce waste, lower overheads, improve attitude and motivate military personnel within the workplace through the supply of consistent high-end storage solutions ensuring the client experiences an exceptional level of service.

Passion Fact #7 - Case Studies

We are always updating our customers with case studies via our monthly newsletter or our blog.

Our case studies cover the Heritage, Military, Automotive / Motorsport, Education & Industrial sectors. You will even find our very own Business Development Manager’s case study on his personal garage workshop.

This means that you as the customer can get a better insight into how Polstore works, how we can help you and the products we are proud to put our name to.

Mobile Toolboxes & Tool Kits

Within the high pressure of the military arena mobility is key to success. This applies to storage and retrieval of tools and equipment. Our robust and durable mobile tool cabinets and toolboxes thrive in such an environment so much so that they now are NATO approved.

Due to the modular design a variety of configurations can be achieved. Our drawer cabinets are ideal for high density part storage, tool storage and the storage of high value and fragile items with drawer load capacities rated from 60 to 200kg.