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March 2019

Polstore open week 29th April - 3rd May 2019

Polstore's annual open week is coming up fast so we want to make sure you get the most out of your time here.
The open week will run from Monday 29th April to Friday 3rd May 10:00am - 5:00pm.

If you have been wondering whether Polstore is the right choice for you, this is the perfect opportunity to pop in, grab a drink, browse and maybe meet a face or two from Polstore.
We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have and show you around our warehouse, where you will see some of the amazing products we have.

* Drawer Storage Tool Cabinets
* Workbenches & Worktops
* Storage Cupboards - CNC & Filing
* Accessories
* Plastic Tilt Bins, Trolleys & Racks
* Floor Matting

Throughout the week you will have access to our latest stock offers and deals on new and used workshop storage equipment.
There really is something for everyone.
See our new & used stocklist here

Unit 10, The Pines Business Park
Broad Street

To guarantee our personal attention, please call and book a time slot on 0800 008 6861 or email enquiries@polstore.co.uk

Polstore Passion Fact #2 - 50 years of storage expertise

Polstore is a family run business established in 1963. We are leaders in the provision of professional storage equipment to the following sectors:

1. Factories
2. Engineering workshops
3. Private customers
4. Formula 1 and other Motorsport teams
5. Museums, Galleries and Archives
6. Military
7. Aerospace
8. Education facilities.

Polstore has been at the forefront of storage, retrieval and display solutions for over 50 years with a strong base of satisfied clients worldwide.
Our aim is to solve your storage problems and help you control your operating costs by creating efficient and aesthetic working environments.
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We are happy to help with any questions or enquiries you may have, so why not give us a call on 0800 008 6861 or email us at enquiries@polstore.co.uk

CASE STUDY: USAF 198 Maxi Boxes

Following on from 12 long years of heavy use, the existing 198 maxi boxes were showing signs of their age, with replacements being urgently required.
Rather than re-manufacture what has failed before from another supplier, we thought that this was an apt time to have a complete design review on the units, with a view to improving their performance of longevity.

When conducting a design review, the first items to look at are: where the original units failed in service. Firstly, the padlock and hasp style NATO locking system, was one of the items open to abuse, when keys were lost or simply left back at the workshop. This resulted in the NATO lock being prized open with a crow bar, damaging not only the lock, but the cabinet as well.

We decided to completely do away with this system and went for the standard issue, heavy duty locking system on the Polstore drawer cabinets. Not only is this a fool proof way to secure the box, but if damaged by abuse it will completely lock the box out, preventing its use. This can then be repaired in around 20 minutes, using basic tools and standard components.

We next turned our attention to the chassis, with the standard tubed tyres being replaced with heavy duty run flat tyres on re-enforced rims. Not only improving its service life but removing down time from punctures and also allowing us to remove the spare wheel previously fitted to the units.

Areas of stress and corrosion were then re-designed and re-enforced to provide a stronger chassis and remove areas for water / sand to collect. The chassis was then painted in a heavy duty texture powder coat system, which is more resilient to knocks and abrasions when compared to its smooth finish counterpart.

The final item was the parking brake, which previously relied on a standard wheel locking system to one of the rear wheels. This was replaced with a hydraulic handbrake system with the disc fitted directly to the new rear axle, braking both rear wheels.

This not only drastically improved the effectiveness of the brake, improving safety, but by moving to a solid rear axle (instead of the corner stub axles) a much stronger and more rigid chassis was created.

The units are now in service with the USAF and should provide them with many years of hard use and offer a substantial improvement upon the outgoing units.