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February 2019

Polstore Passion Fact #1 - Strongest Tool Storage Cabinets

We can proudly say that our cabinets are so tough and robust, they are still in service 40+ years later in engineering workshops.
Our cabinets are NATO approved which adds that extra confidence in our products.

Polstore cabinet housings and drawers are manufactured from high-quality steel in a fully welded construction.
We do not use pop rivets or clip systems, which is why there is no twist or distortion under load, ensuring smooth movement each and every time.

An individual cabinet can be fully loaded up to 4500kg.
This rigidity allows our cabinets to be multi-purpose and used as a bench or machine stand freeing up valuable workshop space.

Polstore CNC tool trolley - make your CNC tools mobile

If you’re looking to safely move your heavy cnc tooling around the workshop, in between production cells or from a pre-set area to machine we have a simple, low cost and effective storage solution - the cnc tool trolley.

The cnc tool trolley is an integral part of our NC Storage and Transport System. There are a number of options depending on the quantity of tools to be stored.
We offer 2 size options with different load capacities – 300kg, 400kg or 800kg safe working load (SWL).

The entry level trolley 765 wide x 508 deep x 880 mm high covering 300-400kg SWL arrives flat packed with instructions and requires a 45min assembly.
The main trolley housing made from steel includes a useful side shelf with rubber mat, push pull handle and 2 swivel braked/ 2 fixed castors (100mm = 300kg SWL or 150mm = 400kg).

The trolley sides are slotted in 25mm increments so fitting the tool frame and tool cradles to suit the tool size & capacity is simple and adjustable.
The tool frame bolts to the top of the trolley frame and the tool cradles locate into the angle or horizontal supports – these are adjustable, tool size dependent.
To make life easier you can purchase standard set ups – CLICK LINK TO S&T SITE

If you require a higher load capacity and a substantial increase in tool storage capacity, our larger model is ideal.
The trolley sides and base are welded giving it a massive 800kg SWL. Overall size is 1080 wide x 692 deep x 970mm high which includes 200mm diameter rubber castors.
Again, the same frame and tool cradle system applies except the tool frame is 4 rows rather than 3 rows.

As with all Polstore storage solutions it’s all about maximising the density of tool storage.
The design of our tool holders allows you to create rows of tools minimising the gap in between each tool.
The tool holder is secured to the frame / cradle with a bolt and threaded plate.

For example, our 30-10100 entry level tool trolley has a maximum tool storage capacity of:

35 no. ISO/BT/SK 50 tools
56 no. HSK 63 tools
56 no. ISO/BT/SK 40 tools
49 no. CAPTO C6 tools

And the 30-10400 tool trolley has a maximum tool storage capacity of:

50 no. ISO/BT/SK 50 tools
60 no. HSK 63 tools
80 no. ISO/BT/SK 40 tools
70 no. CAPTO C6 tools

Other cnc tool trolley accessories include adjustable shelves, document holders, protection bars and vertical tool storage supports.

Polstore supply tool holders to store: ISO/BT/SK/HSK/CAPTO/VDI/DIY blank plates

BRAND NEW - Museum & Archive Storage Range

Now available on our Download section are 6 brochures for our NEW Museum & Archive Storage Range.

Nevis - Plan Chest Drawer Cabinets | A2, A1, A0 & AQ (Special Size)

Gulvain - Large Format Drawer Cabinets

Arkle - Artwork & Gallery Picture Racking

Eldon - Microfilm & Media Storage

Munro - Glass Display & Storage Cupboards

Scafell - Glass Display Drawer Cabinets

Nevis, Gulvain & Eldon plan chests can be tailored to meet individual needs:

1. Alternative drawer depths
2. Add-on worktops
3. Special height requirements
4. Additional product protection & display features
5. Two-tone finishing options (only available on Gulvain & Eldon)

Arkle racking systems can be tailored to meet individual needs:

1. Bespoke size requirements
2. Special storage requirements
3. Room & environmental constraints

Munro & Scafell cabinets can also be tailored to meet individual needs:

1. Bespoke unit sizes
2. Special storage requirements
3. Additional product protection and display features

If you are interested in any of the above Museum storage equipment, please give us a call on 0800 008 6861 or email enquiries@polstore.co.uk

We are more than happy to offer advice and work with you to create the perfect solution to fit your needs, regardless of the environment.

Polstore understands the importance of protecting your collections whilst still maintaining ease of use and display aesthetic.

Why Polstore are leaders in Heritage Storage


Basement Picture Store and Archive

The clients brief was to make the best use of a cramped basement room, with tricky access, that currently housed HVAC equipment that could not be moved.
The client had a large collection of wrapped pictures that were in long term storage, that they didn't have the space to hang in the building but wanted to view at a moment's notice.

As well as general archived material that needed to be housed in one location.
Following a site visit by one of Polstore's Project Managers, the room was surveyed, and a scheme was formulated with the client whilst on site.
We then went back to produce a detailed plan drawing and specification, as well as a detailed itemised quote.

The solution was to produce a custom made double sided, pull out picture rack, that generated almost 53 square metres of hanging space.
However, due to the large number of pipes and cables on the ceiling, it was not possible to hang it from above, so the racking featured our self-supporting goal post system, that merely requires fixing to the floor.
An A0 plan chest for storage and display of maps and architectural drawings, was also required, as well as general archive storage to fill the available space.

The basement access was via a narrow spiral staircase, which required us to cut the top sliding bars of the picture racking unit in half whilst on site & join them together in situ.
The A0 plan chest was also manufactured in two equal sections and assembled on site, with the 66 linear metres of museum grade shelving, being produced in kit form for assembly within the room.
The client was amazed that we were able to incorporate his needs as well as allowing for future expansion, within a small cramped space.

By placing the picture rack against one wall (which extends into the main area when in use) & putting the low height A0 plan chest (which doubles up as a viewing table) in the centre of the room, with the shelving around the outside, the room does not feel cramped and imposing, creating the right atmosphere to view the stored paintings and documents.

Polstore have been specialists in the design, supply and installation of Heritage storage products since 1963.
Our experience and expertise lead us to create practical working spaces in some of the most challenging environments.

We would be very pleased to hear from you, for any new museum storage projects or upgrades.

Contact us on 0800 008 6861 or email enquiries@polstore.co.uk