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March 2017

Polstore for Home Garage

Of course it would be wrong of me, not to have Polstore equipment in my own home workshop, I'm still yet to fit the multiplex bench top & the shadow board with the roller shutter, but I have one of our heavy duty drawer cabinets doing sterling service at home.

Some might say that using high end workshop equipment at home is a bit of an extravagance, but bear with me on this one. The drawer cabinet I have retails at around £ 700.00 +VAT & carriage, which is around £150.00 less than the Snap On equivalent (& in the last 20 years I've gone through two of those). Also the Polstore unit has drawers rated at 200 KG per drawer, as opposed to the 45 KG limit of our competitors, coupled with the vast array of partition options we have available, I am able to get up to four times the amount of storage for the same size footprint. Anyone who runs vintage motorcycles or scooters will know of the amount of tools and spares you have to have available at all times to keep them on the road & I'm pleased to say, the Polstore drawer cabinet comfortably holds all of these with space to spare. Allowing me to see in an instant my spares availability & any tools that I may have loaned out. The cabinet also provides additional security in these troubled times, as being built from heavy gauge high quality mild steel, with a museum grade secure locking system, any opportunist thief will be leaving empty handed.

So looking at it in this light, the Polstore unit represents the bargain of the century. Also every so often, we turn over our stock at reduced prices on a strictly first come first served basis. If you would like a copy of our reduced price stock list for this month, please contact me via LinkedIn or the Polstore website.

By Alan Lawson - Business Development Manager - Polstore

Custom Manufactured Stands for USAF

We've all been there, when the stores start to spread out into your workshop and the only way to free up space is to go upwards. The problem is, once you start doing this, you inevitably compromise access to the equipment.

But it doesn't have to be this way, faced with this situation, we devised a number of custom made mobile stands that safely cantilever the objects outwards (correctly calculated against weight and span), which allow perfect access to any item stored upon it. We even made the units mobile on special heavy duty castors, so if a number of items are required, the stand can be taken to where it is needed, saving valuable time & lessening the risk of damaging equipment, by moving the items individually.

Another carefully engineered solution, to an everyday problem by Polstore

The versatility of static picture racking

The ingenuity of our clients, never ceases to amaze us, especially when space and more importantly money becomes a deciding factor.

Take an up and coming London West End gallery, who approached us towards the end of last year to organise a storage and archive room for them. Without wishing to encroach on their gallery space, which effectively is their shop window to the world, the store size was reduced to the minimum.

Double skinned static picture racking (aka toast racks) featured heavily in the remit, along with an over sized plan chest with working area above. This allowed them to store a large quantity of paintings in a very efficient way, whilst offering the flexibility that they needed, to adjust for the size of painting, as their stock fluctuates. The units are also able to be easily dis-assembled & relocated, allowing them to move this equipment to a larger gallery as their business grows.

But where do you put all of those everyday commercial gallery essentials, that you need to run a gallery business? Why not put them in with the art, which is exactly what our client has done. The double skinned construction of the static picture racking (aka toast racks), which eliminates all sharp edges, allows all of those sundry, necessary items to sit next to your art inventory, without risk of damage to either of them.