Polstore – Workshop, Workplace, Museum & Archive Storage Systems

June 2016

Clean Manufactured Lines Suit London Gallery

Polstore has a wealth of experience in designing and installing picture racking systems for artworks into galleries, museums, archives and private collections. What we are really proud of though, is when at first the client wasn't sure if they a) had the budget b) the need c) confidence to change; and when they see the final result they are delighted that this was the right decision.
This London Gallery has benefited from a static art racking system which follows the contours of the ceiling maximising height capacity without comprising on stability. It will ensure that artworks are stored safely, easily access for quick retrieval and identifiable for audit.

Glass display cabinets for retail, museums and collections - New

The Glass Display Drawer Cabinet was originally developed for the museum market, due to its high level of security (Abloy Locks and anti-bandit glass as standard), and ease of changing the exhibition content, with the pull out display section (which overcomes all of the access issues, connected with the conventional 'tilt up' access system of most current display units). We are increasingly being asked to supply this system to the jewellery quarter, high end retail and private collections. The glass display cabinet also features lockable pull out drawers, which can be used for storage, or with the introduction of a clear glass lockable panel, display purposes. Manufactured in the UK in steel and finished in a museum grade powder coated paint system, the units can be provided complete with pre-wired automatic LED lighting and custom machined Plastazote foam panels to hold your collection. For further details or to request a detailed quotation, please contact us at www.polstore.co.uk.