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One of our main assets is our attention to site detail and care when installing - we don't always get it right who does, but there are instances where expensive and embarrassing mistakes can be avoided by both us and the client.
Take for example the steel plan chest AO+, AO or A1 sizes - they are large bits of kit and this can catch you out. It so important when making decisions to ask yourself how am I going to get this lump into the building / room - off load, doors, steps, no lift, stairs, twists and turns - it is an installers nightmare.

Take a look at the pics - central london, 3 steps up, busy pedestrian route, shared building, narrow stairs down, small and untrustworthy lift, narrow doors - install AO plan chest OMG no chance!!!

Fortunately we called the client and asked a simple QUESTION: 'what is access like?' ANSWER: 'its pretty poor in fact terrible.' We only need to hear that and Polstore can then manufacture an AO steel plan chest delivered in knock down condition. No problem and no extra cost - well our installers cost. It will arrive built to avoid damage, we dismantle and reassemble in the location required.

We know this sounds obvious but actually you'll be surprised how often it's overlooked.

The ingenuity of our clients, never ceases to amaze us, especially when space and more importantly money becomes a deciding factor.

Take an up and coming London West End gallery, who approached us towards the end of last year to organise a storage and archive room for them. Without wishing to encroach on their gallery space, which effectively is their shop window to the world, the store size was reduced to the minimum.

Double skinned static picture racking (aka toast racks) featured heavily in the remit, along with an over sized plan chest with working area above. This allowed them to store a large quantity of paintings in a very efficient way, whilst offering the flexibility that they needed, to adjust for the size of painting, as their stock fluctuates. The units are also able to be easily dis-assembled & relocated, allowing them to move this equipment to a larger gallery as their business grows.

But where do you put all of those everyday commercial gallery essentials, that you need to run a gallery business? Why not put them in with the art, which is exactly what our client has done. The double skinned construction of the static picture racking (aka toast racks), which eliminates all sharp edges, allows all of those sundry, necessary items to sit next to your art inventory, without risk of damage to either of them.

We are given some real challenges - Archive in London basement level with access issues. Completed in 2 days this job included s special size plan chest, static picture racking (built above the plan chest), double skin shelving, cantilever shelving for rolled textiles and wall hung fixed mesh picture racking. This archive storage solution covered a wide collection from the renowned collector William Morris one of England's most inspiring designer. The William Morris Gallery is the only public gallery devoted to the life and legacy of William Morris: designer, craftsman, socialist.

We like to think of this NEW Polstore product as a 5 in 1 Art Handling Table

1) Storage of artworks and consumables
2) Storage underside of tools and sundries
3) Working desk for cataloging, study and and inspection
4) Workstation of preparation, packing and repair
5) Transportation trolley

Ideal for art galleries, auction house and private collections.

The art handling trolley / workstation is manufactured from high grade steel with a powder coated finish which is highly durable and does not off gas. The drawer storage cabinet underneath has full extension pull out drawers which can be supplied with various drawer heights to suit your application. The client will use the cabinet for consumable and tool storage. The worksurface has a brushed stainless steel edging for 2 reasons - durability and snag free. Each corner is welded and polished. We will add a fabric layer over the worksurface and back board to ensure safe and careful handling of artworks and objects. The rear back board folds back flat to increase the table depth.

Picture Racking for artworks is a flexible system with many options and specifications to suit your needs. Every requirement is different whether it be access to the store, size, hanging types or floor finish. Polstore's latest install uses our goal post picture racking system with vertical hanging racks laterally supported above and below. The goal post system which supports all the picture racks is ideal for installation into listed buildings as there are no fixings required into the ceiling or walls. The floor is free from track - practical in the sense trolleys can be used without obstacles, safe as no trip hazards and without doubt aesthetically pleasing.

This install is situated in a basement for a large corporate archive. As part of the complete Archive Storage Solution Polstore have also supplied dust proof cabinets, AO and A1 plan chests, archive shelving, filing cabinets and plan chests. We have also now commissioned our humidity controlled cupboard - another blog coming soon.