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Invest in your company’s future growth with a Polstore Storage Solution – designed to create space, increase output, focus the workforce and organise your workspace. We would like to have the opportunity to explain how when you visit us at MACH 2018 Stand H20-172.

Polstore Storage Systems has been working in the manufacturing sector for over for over 50 years - so we hope a name remembered when looking to re-organise your workspace. We strive to be the best on service, design, quality of products and project finishing. Supported by Italian manufacturer FAMEPLA and UK sub contractors we offer a full range of storage solutions.

Where we excel is the installation and fit out of industrial workshops and work areas for aerospace, automotive, military and education sectors. As part of the service we visit you and design to your exact requirement. Our quotations are supplied with visuals assisting in the justification process. Once signed off manufacture process can take up to 6-8 weeks depending on the complexity and scope of the project.

For a quick solution last year we launched a standard range of storage products on offer throughout the year with end user and reseller discounts - tool storage cabinets, tool storage mobile cabinets, cnc tool storage cupboards, industrial workbenches, cnc tool trolleys, anti fatigue floor matting and plastic tilt bin storage. We stock these products in the UK or offer a 3-4 week general lead time.

We are always trying to push the bar with product innovation. Access control systems being a major R&D investment - improving tool control and traceability techniques with routed tool foams, tool shadow boards and electronic locking solutions. Our stand will be demonstrating the latest in electronic key and software solutions integrated into our standard tool and consumable cabinet range.

Visit us at Mach 2018 Stand H20-172 NEC Birmingham.

One of our main assets is our attention to site detail and care when installing - we don't always get it right who does, but there are instances where expensive and embarrassing mistakes can be avoided by both us and the client.
Take for example the steel plan chest AO+, AO or A1 sizes - they are large bits of kit and this can catch you out. It so important when making decisions to ask yourself how am I going to get this lump into the building / room - off load, doors, steps, no lift, stairs, twists and turns - it is an installers nightmare.

Take a look at the pics - central london, 3 steps up, busy pedestrian route, shared building, narrow stairs down, small and untrustworthy lift, narrow doors - install AO plan chest OMG no chance!!!

Fortunately we called the client and asked a simple QUESTION: 'what is access like?' ANSWER: 'its pretty poor in fact terrible.' We only need to hear that and Polstore can then manufacture an AO steel plan chest delivered in knock down condition. No problem and no extra cost - well our installers cost. It will arrive built to avoid damage, we dismantle and reassemble in the location required.

We know this sounds obvious but actually you'll be surprised how often it's overlooked.

When looking to upgrade your maintenance workshop or garage its definitively worth looking at this project as an example. Its simple, cost effective and produces great results in organisation, aesthetics and storage capacity. This is the way we like a Polstore Fit to run. The equipment is manufactured and assembled in 5 weeks with the installation date booked in the 6th week. Our fitters arrive with the equipment with no third party invlovement - no risk of damage, on time (not too early, not too late) and our client kept informed. The client had no fork lift so the truck has a tail lift, making off load safe and efficient. All the equipment is well wrapped and palletised anyway but we manage all that including removal of all packaging and waste once we are done.

The Polstore maintenance workbench needed to be fitted in between the 2 walls with drawer storage cabinets underneath. We specified a galvanised steel work surface 40mm which will eventually accommodate a mechanics vice. Hard wearing and robust. The cabinets are positioned underneath and fixed using M10 fixings and inserts. The overall weight of the bench is heavy duty and industrial. The drawer cabinets are from our standard range with 100% extension drawer 200kg rating per drawer. We also added in anti slip foam inlays to each drawer giving protection to tools and items stored within. The work surface is cut to size mm and jointed!

The Polstore Storage Cupboards along the wall are 2000mm high - due the the 1st floor construction the client had already made good the electrics, self leveled the floor and cleared over head services. So when we arrived all was clear and ready to go - this is a major help for us when the client is prepared and speeds up the installation process. Now because of the new floor and space restriction we are concerned about damaging it. The Polstore way is to bring blankets - we place these under the units and then slide the storage cupboards into position. No floor damage! All units are then leveled and locking mechanisms checked.

So a job like this took a team of 2 operatives 4 hours - we get some help with the tools we use - another part of our business is selling tools, fixings and supplies. So we like to use FESTOOL where we can. Making those cuts and carpentry work very efficient on site.

Of course it would be wrong of me, not to have Polstore equipment in my own home workshop, I'm still yet to fit the multiplex bench top & the shadow board with the roller shutter, but I have one of our heavy duty drawer cabinets doing sterling service at home.

Some might say that using high end workshop equipment at home is a bit of an extravagance, but bear with me on this one. The drawer cabinet I have retails at around £ 700.00 +VAT & carriage, which is around £150.00 less than the Snap On equivalent (& in the last 20 years I've gone through two of those). Also the Polstore unit has drawers rated at 200 KG per drawer, as opposed to the 45 KG limit of our competitors, coupled with the vast array of partition options we have available, I am able to get up to four times the amount of storage for the same size footprint. Anyone who runs vintage motorcycles or scooters will know of the amount of tools and spares you have to have available at all times to keep them on the road & I'm pleased to say, the Polstore drawer cabinet comfortably holds all of these with space to spare. Allowing me to see in an instant my spares availability & any tools that I may have loaned out. The cabinet also provides additional security in these troubled times, as being built from heavy gauge high quality mild steel, with a museum grade secure locking system, any opportunist thief will be leaving empty handed.

So looking at it in this light, the Polstore unit represents the bargain of the century. Also every so often, we turn over our stock at reduced prices on a strictly first come first served basis. If you would like a copy of our reduced price stock list for this month, please contact me via LinkedIn or the Polstore website.

By Alan Lawson - Business Development Manager - Polstore

We've all been there, when the stores start to spread out into your workshop and the only way to free up space is to go upwards. The problem is, once you start doing this, you inevitably compromise access to the equipment.

But it doesn't have to be this way, faced with this situation, we devised a number of custom made mobile stands that safely cantilever the objects outwards (correctly calculated against weight and span), which allow perfect access to any item stored upon it. We even made the units mobile on special heavy duty castors, so if a number of items are required, the stand can be taken to where it is needed, saving valuable time & lessening the risk of damaging equipment, by moving the items individually.

Another carefully engineered solution, to an everyday problem by Polstore